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Forescout Unveils Key Initiatives to Envision Program to Accelerate Partner Success

Transforms business opportunities for wider range of service providers, adds cybersecurity specialization paths to expand service delivery

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 6, 2024 – Forescout Technologies, Inc., a global cybersecurity leader, today announced that it has redesigned its channel program, Forescout Envision, for the modern cybersecurity marketplace. The newly expanded Forescout Envision program provides unparalleled levels of selling and servicing flexibility that will lead to higher margins and specialization pathways for partners around the globe.

Representing the most significant channel expansion to date, Forescout is activating a new service provider segment that will welcome service delivery, support, training, and consulting partners.  Forescout managed services partners can also attain new solution-specific specializations in network security, OT, cyber risk exposure, and threat detection and response – all of which provide paths to further differentiate their businesses and grow their customer bases.

“A one-size-fits-all approach does not serve the best interests of today’s modern service providers. Forescout aims to be the top growth enabler for the companies it’s privileged to call partners,” said David Creed, Vice President of Worldwide Channel Sales, Forescout. “We have transformed the underpinnings of the Envision program and enablement framework to create an entirely new certification process that reduces the time to market for our partners, no matter their size or geographic location. More service providers can get off the sidelines and tap into the training and tools to support scalable cybersecurity service delivery and efficiently drive customer projects forward. The opportunity for systems integrators, consultants and other partner groups to work with Forescout has never been more attractive.”

Tec-Refresh on the Partner Opportunity

Founded in 2010, Tec-Refresh is a leading managed security services provider for cyber-risk management and compliance services. Tec-Refresh works with public, private, and non-profit organizations to reduce complexity, simplify device compliance and enhance network security. A longtime Envision program partner, Efrem Gonzales, Founder and CEO of Tec-Refresh, shares his perspective on the program expansion.

“As service providers are challenged to stay ahead of today’s cyber threat landscape, a strong cybersecurity posture is increasingly recognized as a strategic enabler by modern enterprises of all sizes,” said Gonzales. “The ability to align our investments in Forescout with specialized solution areas of our choosing is just what we need to stay ahead of the competition and align with the needs of our customers. We anticipate that the changes to the Forescout program will be a springboard for growth and new revenue opportunities, as we differentiate our business capabilities.”

New Forescout Specializations

Beginning today, Forescout managed services partners can obtain technology certifications aligned to meet the needs of their customers. The certifications include:

  • Network Security Certification: Partners can empower customers to significantly enhance the security posture of their complex networks, by reducing complexity and vulnerabilities. Through this certification, partners gain invaluable expertise in assembling services such as Modern Network Access Control, Segmentation Management, and Zero Trust Assurance, enabling them to deliver robust solutions tailored to their customers’ needs.
  • OT Security Certification: Partners are pivotal in enabling customers to effectively mitigate complexity and vulnerabilities within their OT and ICS networks. This certification equips partners with comprehensive expertise in creating services like Visibility as a Service, Asset Management, and Operational Risk Management, thereby bolstering business continuity and resilience for their customers.
  • Cyber Risk Exposure Certification: Partners are instrumental in helping customers navigate the complex landscape of cybersecurity risks across their business operations. This certification empowers partners to deliver impactful services addressing critical areas such as cyber hygiene, vulnerability management, device compliance, and audit readiness, enabling customers to proactively manage and mitigate risks.
  • Threat Detection Response Certification: The certification puts partners at the forefront of advanced threat detection and response capabilities, utilizing a cutting-edge, data-science-backed threat detection engine and an intuitive cloud-based platform. As a result, partners gain valuable expertise in log correlation, security operations efficiency, and incident response. Through SIEM/XDR augmentation, intelligent insights, and SOC modernization, partners are empowered to deliver unparalleled value, safeguarding their customers’ environments against emerging threats with agility and precision.


Resellers – Gold Standard Partner Incentive

Forescout has also expanded an incentive specifically for resellers that offers compensation for each significant sales stage – deal registration, POV, and closed business – per customer opportunity identified and closed.

Forescout launched this program as a pilot for North America in August 2023 and recently expanded it to Ireland, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, the UK, Nordics, Peru, Columbia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand.

To learn more about Forescout’s channel program please visit https://www.forescout.com/partners/msp or inquire to [email protected].

About Forescout

The Forescout cybersecurity platform offers comprehensive asset intelligence and control across IT, OT, and IoT environments. Trusted by Fortune 100 organizations, government agencies, and large enterprises for over two decades, Forescout serves as a cornerstone for managing cyber risk, ensuring compliance, and mitigating threats. With seamless context sharing and workflow orchestration integrated with over 100 security and IT products, Forescout enhances the effectiveness of every cybersecurity investment.

Forescout Research Vedere Labs leads the industry in device intelligence, providing unique and proprietary threat intelligence that fuels the Forescout platform.

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