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Forescout Sponsors Network World CISO Webcast “Mitigating Modern Attacks”

Cupertino, Calif. — December 1, 2011 — Cyber criminals are more advanced and organized – outgunning traditional countermeasures. The question is no longer “if” your enterprise will face a modern attack, but “when” will it? With intrusion detection, anti-virus, and gateway filtering defenses unable to keep up with the velocity, polymorphism and sophistication of attacks, enterprises are helplessly hoping that they will not be the next victim. What can commercial and government IT organizations do to alleviate risks, coordinate defenses and protect themselves from modern cyber-attacks?


A new Network World webcast, “CISO in the Know – Mitigating Modern Attacks: Zero-day, Low&Slow and APTs,” answers these questions and examines the sophisticated and targeted threats, security gaps, defensive techniques and new technologies with regards to understanding and defending against zero-day threats, propagating worms, slow-and-low attacks and advanced persistent threats (APT). The webcast will be hosted by Bill Sieglein, founder of the CISO Executive Network, along with a panel including Tim Mather, advisory director at KPMG Information Protection; Scott Gordon, vice president at Forescout Technologies; and Waqas Akkawi, director of information security at SIRVA, Inc.


This Network World “CISO in the Know” webcast is sponsored by Forescout, a leading provider of automated security control solutions.  Forescout invites users and the media to register for the webcast: Click here to register.


The session presents proven process and technology considerations that InfoSec professionals can put to immediate use to mitigate modern attacks. Other topics that will be addressed include:
  • The advanced threat landscape
  • The inner workings of new and targeted attacks
  • Common security tools and their caveats
  • Threat prevention approaches and new countermeasures
  • Recommendations for end user awareness, security policies and security architecture enhancements


About Forescout Technologies, Inc.
Forescout enables its customers to unleash the full power of their network through enterprise-class security and control.  Forescout’s automated solutions for network access control, mobile security, threat prevention and endpoint compliance empower organizations to gain access agility while preempting risks and eliminating remediation costs.  Because Forescout security solutions are easy to deploy, unobtrusive, intelligent and scalable, they have been chosen by more than 1,000 of the world’s most secure enterprises and military installations for global deployments spanning 37 countries.  Headquartered in Cupertino, California, Forescout delivers its solutions through its network of authorized partners worldwide.  Learn more at www.forescout.com.
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