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Forescout and VMware

Partnership Overview

Achieve Enterprise Manageability & Security from the Edge to the Cloud

Forescout is partnering with VMware® to automate continuous management, compliance enforcement and risk remediation across enterprise-wide heterogeneous virtual and physical devices and network tiers. Forescout and VMware integrated solutions provide numerous benefits including:

  • Comprehensive device security and management at scale
  • Stronger endpoint compliance and threat defense
  • Continuous device policy enforcement, dynamic network access control and segmentation and automated threat response across endpoint, data center and cloud devices

Optimize Endpoint Threat Intelligence and Defense

The Forescout eyeExtend for VMware Carbon Black module provides a comprehensive approach to security that spans complete device visibility, helps enforce device compliance, extends threat hunting across both managed and unmanaged devices and automates network access control for threat mitigation in real time. The Forescout – Carbon Black integrated solution helps you:

  • Maximize device security coverage and compliance
  • Leverage shared threat intelligence to maximize joint threat hunting and detection
  • Accelerate and automate policy-driven threat response across device types and network tiers

Forescout eyeExtend for VMware Carbon Black

Orchestrate information sharing and security workflows to improve device hygiene, proactively detect threats across the network and automate threat response.

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Stronger Endpoint Compliance & Control

Forescout eyeExtend for VMware Workspace ONE® UEM, powered by AirWatch® enables bi-directional integration between the Forescout platform and VMware Workspace ONE, powered by AirWatch. The joint solution provides unified configuration and security policy management of endpoint devices on your network regardless of the type (PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone), the connection (wired, wireless, VPN, remote) or ownership (corporate or personal). By combining Forescout and VMware Workspace ONE/AirWatch, you have the power to:

  • Continuously enforce endpoint configuration and segmentation compliance and prevent rogue-device access
  • Automate remediation, including enrollment with Workspace ONE/AirWatch
  • Enhance and automate threat response with policy-driven network and host controls

Forescout eyeExtend for VMware Workspace ONE UEM, Powered by AirWatch

Gain complete visibility of end-user devices and automate device assessment and enrollment to increase IT efficiency and reduce risk.

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Secure Your Private Cloud

The Forescout platform includes integration with VMware vSphere® Suite and NSX® to reduce risk and optimize utilization for your software-defined data center or private cloud—without requiring agents. Forescout helps you:

  • Discover, classify and assess VMs< and hosts in real time
  • Automatically allow, deny or segment VMs per policy, including micro-segmentation via NSX
  • Proactively identify and address orphan, zombie, shadow and transient VMs not detected by periodic scans
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