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Forescout and Splunk

Why Solution Integration?

The velocity and evasiveness of today’s targeted attacks combined with exponential growth in volume and diversity of devices connecting to enterprise networks is a perfect storm for security information and event management (SIEM) systems. It is critical to maintain 100% device visibility and real-time insight, yet security and IT operations teams are overwhelmed by this storm of data. Operations teams need to streamline the process to discover and assess devices, plus prioritize and respond to incidents in a timely manner to combat threats. The Forescout and Splunk integrated solution addresses these challenges by equipping organizations to:

  • Eliminate blind spots with 100% device visibility and real-time, rich correlated data
  • Enhance situational awareness enabling rapid incident detection and prioritization
  • Accelerate incident response to mitigate and remediate threats with closed-loop workflows across Forescout, Splunk and other tools.

Success Stories

Optimize Your SOC With 100% Device Visibility and Control

The Forescout eyeExtend for Splunk module is a Forescout extension that creates additional functionality by providing a bi-directional integration with Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Enterprise Security (ES). Forescout has also developed Apps and Add-ons for Splunk that are available on Splunkbase™ and pairs with the Forescout eyeExtend for Splunk module. The combined Forescout and Splunk integrated solution gives you unparalleled insight and incident response capabilities across managed and unmanaged devices, including traditional IT, IoT, OT, BYOD, and Guest devices, regardless of connection point or network tier. The Forescout-Splunk integration enables you to:

  • Gain amazing insight with up to 800 device properties pre-correlated and continually fed by Forescout to Splunk for real-time insight plus long-term storage, trend analysis, visualization and incident investigation
  • Correlate high-value device context from Forescout with other data sources in Splunk to better manage assets and more rapidly identify and prioritize anomalous behavior and events
  • Accelerate incident response and results reporting with closed-loop policy-driven actions and workflows for full incident life-cycle management

Rapidly Detect and Mitigate OT Threats with Enhanced Intelligence

Forescout eyeInspect and the Forescout OT Network Security Monitoring App for Splunk helps organizations reduce risk by enabling rapid detection, prioritization and response for both cyber and operational OT threats by enriching Splunk-based SOCs with more accurate, real-time and rich contextual OT asset and threat intelligence.


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