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Forescout and Arista

Why Solution Integration?

Arista and Forescout have joined forces to provide an integrated solution that helps boost network performance while reducing network administration through the delivery of dynamic network segmentation. The partnership enables you to rapidly enforce zero trust security practices and support innovation without being locked into a single vendor’s ecosystem.​

Integration between Forescout and Arista enables you to:​
  • Simplify network administration and group-based segmentation policy design and management using real-time device, user and network context – without relying on agents, 802.1X, proprietary tagging methods or network upgrades
  • Dynamically reduce attack surface with consistent policy enforcement regardless of when or where devices connect​
  • Prevent unauthorized communications by monitoring traffic flows among group-based segments​
  • Increase device and regulatory compliance from endpoint to network​
  • Operate more efficiently with orchestrated security and network management workflows​
  • Scale network performance when needed without compromising security controls across multivendor network environments​​

Simplify Network Security for a New Era ​

Forescout Platform

  • Device identification to security group classification​
  • Policy design/decision point
  • Policy compliance monitoring​


  • Network-wide deployment​
  • Network infrastructure change management & orchestration​
  • MSS Group enforcement​

Accelerate Zero Trust without Vendor Lock-in​

Forescout integrates with CloudVision®, Arista’s core multi-domain, software-defined management platform, and its Extensible Operating System (EOS®). Use the Forescout Platform’s device and user context to easily create, simulate, manage and monitor business logical groups as a foundation for segmentation policy design. Information including Group ID, member IPs and group communication rules is immediately shared with to consistently enforce segmentation policies across campus, data center and cloud network domains via Arista’s Macro-Segmentation Service Group® (MSS Group) solution architecture.​

As Forescout detects new devices or observes changes in already-connected devices, it automatically assigns those devices to the appropriate segmentation group and policy rules, which CloudVision enforces. The combined solution enhances confidence in your zero trust architecture by:​
  • Analyzing policy-driven traffic flows to ensure group-to-group communications are legitimate and performing as expected​
  • Highlighting simulated and actual traffic violations so you can fine-tune policies accordingly​
  • Managing and tracking all network configuration changes for analysis and auditing​

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