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The Underlying Risks Found in Healthcare Devices

Vedere Labs analyzed Device Cloud data from healthcare organizations to show how TCP/IP stack vulnerabilities affect them.

Its assessment reveals HDOs:

  • Are roughly five times more affected by the vulnerabilities than other industries
  • Have the highest number of distinct vulnerable device types and the highest average per organization
  • Must wait on average for 12 vendors to issue patches

Only Forescout automates continuous device visibility, compliance enforcement and risk mitigation across your HDO network.

Gain comprehensive device visibility
Identify, classify, assess and inventory every IoT, IoMT, OT and IT device – no blind spots.

Segment flat networks without disruption
Map traffic flows, then build, refine and simulate segmentation policies before deployment.

Automate to reduce compliance risk
Automate enforcement to ensure compliance and boost SecOps efficiency.

Evolve without changing systems
Maximize ROI of infrastructure, tools and knowledge during mergers and acquisitions.

Blind spots, flat networks and noncompliant systems put healthcare organizations at risk. Learn how Forescout helps.

Solution Brief

Cusomer Confidence

Discover every device and enforce compliance across your HDO network without disruption, delays or infrastructure upgrades.

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