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Forescout Acquires SecurityMatters

With the increase in threats targeting non-traditional devices and cyber risk resulting in operational and safety risk, the convergence of IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology) networks is becoming critical in the OT and industrial environments. There is a lack of comprehensive solutions and tools to address the full range of OT cyber risk challenges.

Together, Forescout and SecurityMatters provide expanded capabilities and advanced features to secure OT and Industrial enviornments. The acquisition will bolster Forescout’s global leadership position in device visibility across the extended enterprise with expanded capabilities and advanced features to secure OT and industrial environments.

“Forescout + SecurityMatters brings two market leading solutions together to deliver the industry’s first, and only, end-to-end agentless device visibility and control platform that can scale to support millions of devices across the most complex environments.”

– Michael DeCesare, CEO and President, Forescout Technologies, Inc.

“Virtually every company with OT needs to rethink its cybersecurity strategy. After partnering with Forescout for the last year, it became clear that we shared the same vision. Now as a single company, we will be able to accelerate our momentum and create the industry’s first capability to truly segment IT and OT environments.”

– Damiano Bolzoni, founder and CEO, SecurityMatters.

Hear from the Leadership Team

Watch the video to hear from Pedro Abreu, Chief Strategy Officer, SVP, Forescout and Damiano Bolzoni, founder and CEO, SecurityMatters.

Acquisition Enables Forescout Vision

Together, with SecurityMatters, Forescout can deliver on the vision of extending visibility and control across the extended enterprise. The combined technology uniquely solves the full spectrum of OT devices.

Provide deeper visibility into OT and ICS environments.

SecurityMatters’ passive network monitoring and protocol analysis combined with Forescout’s leading visibility platform will enable device discovery, classification and assessment for the full spectrum of devices across IT and OT.

Deliver end-to-end OT risk awareness and compliance management.

Merging SecurityMatters’ passive assessment capabilities with Forescout’s passive and active inspection for Windows, Linux and all other IT/IoT devices, will allow security teams to have a complete view of their risk profile and compliance state for the entirety of their OT environments for the first time.

Enable dynamic network segmentation across the entire enterprise.

By identifying and classifying OT network traffic, SecurityMatters will help Forescout extend its segmentation and policy orchestration vision to OT devices and networks.

Automate rapid detection and incident response for OT.

Improve threat response by leveraging SecurityMatters’ detection engine for ICS-specific threat indicators and behavioral anomalies in conjunction with Forescout’s contextual understanding of IT layers, and ability to orchestrate remediation through its vast technology partner ecosystem.

SecurityMatters SilentDefense

With installations worldwide, SilentDefense is the advanced and mature OT network monitoring and intelligence platform with passive analysis and real-time alerts.

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SecurityMatters Partners

Our partners use SilentDefense for a wide range of services, including consulting, system integration and managed security services.

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