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Forerunner Program

Forerunner is an exclusive, invite only, program for the most talented and loyal Forescout channel partner engineers and technical resources who have proven ability to provide extensive business value.


The mission of the Forerunner program is to empower top Forescout technical experts from partner organizations with the most advanced resources to:

  • Accelerate customer value and the sales cycle through technical services such as POVs
  • Extend Forescout’s own systems engineering and professional services teams with partner resources to massively scale quality Forescout technical services
  • Influence Forescout’s product development to best meet customer needs
  • Engage Forescout prospects and customers with high levels of confidence and expertise

The Forerunner program is an offering for identified technical champions from Forescout’s top partners around the world and is the highest level of formal training and enablement that Forescout provides. It focuses on engaging and rewarding our key partner technical experts and they are recognized for both their talent and their longtime loyalty. We embrace Forerunners into the Forescout family as they are considered an extension of the Forescout technical team.


Increase value by becoming or engaging a Forerunner

Individual Members

  • Annual meeting(s) with awards in each major global region
  • Monthly Forerunner technical briefings
  • Private Forerunner forums supported by Forescout technical experts
  • The Forerunner Outpost – gated Forerunner only access to privileged information
  • Dedicated roadmap training sessions
  • Continued participation in our beta process
  • LinkedIn recommendations by Forescout executives
  • Renewal of certifications based on Forerunner activity
  • Enhanced Partner Cloud Lab resources
  • Cool Forerunner swag


  • More revenue growth, more cross-sales and larger deals
  • Highly capable Forescout technical resource(s) on staff
  • Visible differentiation that customers value
  • Greater visibility and engagement with Forescout field sales
  • Access to much more technical content, support, and product development


  • Greater Forescout success and return on investment with highly skilled Forescout experts
  • Easier access to capable, local partner resources for sales and service needs
  • Stronger voice back into Forescout operations, roadmaps, etc. through local partner resources
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