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Ransomware Protection: Mitigating IoT and OT Threats

Ransomware Protection in The Age of IoT and OT Threats

Safeguarding IoT and OT Networks from Ransomware Attacks 

Ransomware attacks are a growing concern for individuals and organizations alike.

Whether it’s the exploitation of IoT devices for initial access, deployment of cryptominers in IT devices, or use of poor OT security, these attacks can cause significant disruptions and financial losses, with sophisticated ransomware gangs often targeting multiple companies or government agencies at once. The proliferation of IoT devices, the convergence of IT and OT networks, and the exploitation of supply chain vulnerabilities have all contributed to the evolution of these threats.

To address these problems, Vedere Labs’ eBook provides valuable insights into the current state of ransomware threats, as well as their proposed mitigation strategies. Drawing from landmark research, Project Memoria, and an analysis of millions of connected assets in the Forescout Device Cloud, this eBook highlights the importance of device visibility, regularly backing up critical data, and having a clear ransomware recovery plan in place.

Although there is currently no ransomware software available that automatically protects your devices, implementing these recommendations can significantly enhance the ability of individuals and organizations to safeguard their IoT, IT, and OT networks against devastating ransomware attacks.

The report covers:

  • An analysis of high-profile emerging threats
  • Ransomware tips for staying proactive and vigilant
  • Examples on how to implement successful mitigation strategies aligned with NIST CSF

Ransomware Software EBook

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