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Why Customers Choose Forescout over Armis

You need a security solution that doesn’t just detect threats but actively mitigates them while ensuring process integrity and operational excellence. Forescout customers partner with an award-winning technology with over 15 years of OT security experience.

Compound conditions and actions

Purpose-Built for Industrial Environments

The Forescout platform offers deep insights into ICS specifications to provide a tailored approach to the unique challenges of industrial organizations.

Continuous monitoring

Don’t Settle for Just Visibility When You Need Action

Forescout not only identifies assets, risks, and threats but also handles remediation workflows natively to ensure threats are swiftly and effectively managed.

150+ Classification Attributes

Resilient Performance in Any Scenario

Forescout remains fully operational even in air-gapped scenarios, ensuring continuous protection.

Asset Intelligence: The Accuracy Gap

  • Gaps in Security Coverage: Focuses on asset visibility and risk management, but lacks native proactive network security, threat detection and response capabilities to avoid issues before they happen.
  • Complex to Set Up and Maintain: Heavy reliance on third-party integrations requires extensive fine-tuning, increasing complexity and TCO.
  • Swiss Army Knife Approach: Like a Swiss army knife, it’s versatile for asset visibility and vulnerability management, but lacks specialization – it’s only used when the right tool isn’t available.

The Forescout Advantage

Forescout takes visibility and management of connected devices to a new level, automating the discovery and classification of OT, IT, and IoT systems. With real-time monitoring and robust asset intelligence, Forescout detects deviations from established baselines and proactively mitigates risks. When it comes to managing and securing your assets, Forescout doesn’t just keep up — it leads the way.

No Response? Prepare for Prolonged Risk Exposure

  • Lacks Native Incident Response: Armis depends on third-party integrations, lacking built-in incident response and the ability to correlate multiple data sources for hidden threats.
  • Reduced Resolution Efficiency: Reliance on third-party tools results in longer response times, increased complexity, and fragmented workflows.
  • Proactive Measures Shortfall: Without integrated response capabilities, proactive threat mitigation and prevention are significantly hindered.

The Forescout Advantage

Why settle for less? Our risk management strategy doesn't just play defense; it takes a proactive approach against cyber threats, network outages, and process failures in ICS. Full MITRE coverage ensures reliable detection. Forescout integrates seamlessly with your current tools, ensuring fast and accurate responses that uncover real threats and leverage your existing security and IT investments. You're always audit-ready with preconfigured views and AI-powered reports. Compliance? We've got NERC CIP, EU NIS Directive, NIST CSF, IEC 62443 and TSA Pipeline Security covered for you. When it comes to risk, we don't just manage it – we own it.

Shortcomings in Detecting and Managing Threats

  • Minimal Detection Capabilities: Armis offers basic detection with partial coverage, frequent false positives, poor behavior analysis, and limited fine-tuning, risking late threat identification.
  • Missing Advanced Functionality: Lacks key functions for event handling, analysis, and case management, relying heavily on third-party solutions.
  • Inefficient Incident Handling: Dependence on external solutions and disparate systems slows response times, complicates coordination, and delays incident resolution.

The Forescout Advantage

Forescout doesn’t just watch over your ICS environment – it actively hunts down threats, from operational glitches to sophisticated cyberattacks. Unlike Armis, our advanced alert management allows security analysts to fine-tune detection, filter out false positives and prioritize critical threats. We map events to the MITRE ATT&CK framework for ICS, providing unrivaled context and insight. With sharp visualization tools, actionable intelligence, and detailed playbooks, Forescout cuts through the noise and and lets you focus on what matters.

Armis: More Than a Point Product,
Less Than a Platform

Analyst Recognition

According to Gartner, by 2025, 75% of OT security solutions will be interoperable with IT security solutions and delivered via multifunction platforms. The Gartner Market Guide for OT Security provides a holistic assessment of the current state of this changing market to help future-proof your OT cybersecurity strategy.

Validated by Customers

Oil & Gas Company Implements OT Network Monitoring to Reduce Cyber and Operational Risk

To help identify risk and mitigate to an acceptable level, the company deployed eyeInspect to understand what was on the OT network and to be able to quickly identify threats and vulnerabilities.

Forescout Armis
Visibility See More, Know More
Forescout's 20+ discovery techniques unlock a world of visibility and enable asset owners to leverage detailed device insights, refine strategies, and seamlessly connect IT and OT operations.
Exposed Blind Spots
Armis relies mainly on passive and agentless methods, creating critical blind spots, especially for OT assets, and risking misclassification and false positives, exposing organizations to cyber threats.
Network Security Leading Network Protection
Forescout leads the pack in network security, providing advanced capabilities for assessing and enforcing network controls and dynamic segmentation. Model, Design, and Simulate segmentation rules to simplify your zero trust strategy.
Network Security Complexity
Armis faces network security hurdles that require extensive integration and fine-tuning. While it provides network visualization and traffic analysis, its dependency on third-party solutions introduces fragmentation and complexity, which hinders comprehensive network security.
Risk End-to-End Risk Management
Forescout addresses security, networking, and operational risks with a customizable risk score, offering a comprehensive overview and streamlining vulnerability management and compliance tasks.
Armis focuses on vulnerability management but lacks comprehensive asset intelligence. It does use AI to prioritize threats, but its reliance on the internet limits its effectiveness, as critical risks may be overlooked.
Threat Detection Advanced Threat Detection
Forescout prioritizes intelligence-driven detection and advanced alert management, boasting a user-friendly interface. Analysts benefit from actionable insights, MITRE mapping, and detailed playbooks, streamlining event triage.
Basic Threat Detection
Armis offers basic threat detection capabilities, leaning on third-party solutions to manage the alert lifecycle. Limited analyst support contributes to uncertainty in threat assessment and can increase resolution times.
Incident Response Dynamic Incident Management
Forescout offers specialized incident response capabilities through TDR and integrated SOC workflows. The platform correlates signals to detect actual threats, enabling security analysts to respond quickly and appropriately.
Fragmented Threat Control
Armis lacks robust incident response features and heavily relies on third-party integrations. This dependence may hamper efficiency, resulting in prolonged response times and increased risk exposure.

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