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Forescout and Cysiv: Threat Detection Across Your Digital Terrain

Ian Curry, Chief Marketing Officer | June 6, 2022

A Look at Forescout’s Intent to Acquire Cysiv

Today marks an exciting moment in time for our customers and partners. Today, Forescout announced its intent to acquire Cysiv, a company with deep expertise in data-powered threat detection and response.

Here’s how Cysiv fits into Forescout’s strategy for providing complete solutions for our customers. Forescout recently launched its Continuum Platform with industry-leading capabilities for automated cybersecurity related to asset discovery, assessment and governance across all types of assets (IT, IoT, IoMT and OT). Forescout has always been and will continue to be a leader providing complete visibility and asset inventory, continuous asset compliance, network access control and segmentation, and a strong foundation for zero trust.

With the acquisition of Cysiv, Forescout will be extending Continuum to deliver broad, data-powered threat detection and response capabilities. Traditionally, Forescout has offered strong threat detection and response for OT assets and, recently, we added threat detection for IoMT assets through our acquisition of CyberMDX. Now, with the acquisition of Cysiv, we will expand comprehensive threat detection and response across all the assets in customers’ digital terrains using a powerful, cloud-driven engine.

The outcome of the Cysiv acquisition is more secure customers with cyber teams focused on true threats, not wasting their time chasing false-positive alerts. Organizations need to be able to reduce the billions of data points on their networks to a handful of actionable true threats – automatically.

For many years, Forescout’s automated cybersecurity solution has collected large amounts of valuable data. A wealth of asset and network communications data is automatically collected by Forescout in the process of discovering, classifying, assessing, remediating, segmenting and governing network access and overall asset compliance for all types of assets in customers’ digital terrains.

And, what’s super important to understand is that Forescout’s comprehensive asset visibility enables data to be collected across managed and unmanaged assets – agentlessly. EDR vendors only collect data on managed devices, so they don’t collect data and analyze threats for IoT, IoMT and OT assets. Forescout does.

Unmanaged assets in organizations now outnumber managed assets. Seeing all assets – and detecting and responding to threats related to all assets – has never been more important.

With the wealth of data Forescout collects across all assets, customers have been asking how Forescout can further leverage this data to better understand and protect their organizations. The answer – Cysiv!

Cysiv is a cloud-enabled service that is a highly complementary component of the Continuum Platform. With Cysiv, Forescout will offer:

  • Continuous recording and time-series visualization of the comprehensive asset data Forescout collects. You get the whole picture of what happened on your network when incidents occur and you want to dig in to learn.
  • Data transformed and stored in a Common Information Model (CIM) that enables your SIEM to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • 24/7 assistance services to your SOC team to save time investigating true threats and drive continuous improvement in MTTR.

Yes, this is an exciting day, but this is also just the start. There will be much more to come over time as we make plans to knit Cysiv’s data-powered threat detection and response engine into Forescout Continuum. The transaction is expected to close in July 2022, subject to the satisfaction of closing conditions and receipt of applicable regulatory approvals.

The best platform for complete asset visibility and governance now also delivers broad threat detection and response across all of your managed and unmanaged assets. The future is bright. We are here to help.

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