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Forescout Recognized by Frost & Sullivan for Achievements in Smart Building Cybersecurity

Bartosz Urban, Content Writer / Blogger | September 9, 2019

Frost & Sullivan, a global leader in market research and business analysis, has recognized Forescout for its IT-OT cybersecurity advancements and achievements for smart buildings with the 2019 Global Enabling Technology Leadership Award. This accolade is awarded to companies who have both superior technologies that are flexible and innovative, and who also demonstrate high levels of customer satisfaction within their space.

The Internet of Things (IoT)  makes our lives easier, but it also presents countless new threats that loom over these always-online devices and networks. Security risks are present everywhere, from wearable tech to smart buildings to large-scale industrial operations and factories. Enterprises implementing connected workspaces are concerned about cybersecurity threats from the ever-expanding attack surface, and building owners are often crippled a by lack of complete visibility into devices and activities in the network.

The Forescout solution helps solve this challenge with its deep visibility into assets and network behavior using patented deep packet inspection (DPI) technology. A market leader in the converged IT-OT cybersecurity space, Forescout’s SilentDefense platform  delivers in-depth device visibility and cyber resilience for building networks.

Forescout’s work goes beyond just security tools – Forescout Research Labs conducts extensive experimentation and testing, on how hackers might exploit new and existing vulnerabilities and threats, to try to stay one step ahead of cyber adversaries. They provide detailed reports on the state of cybersecurity in various industries that help inform organizational stakeholders about the latest security threats. Their most recent report explores how the IoT affects smart building cybersecurity and what organizations can do to better protect their networks. Their research and development team enjoys the support of a strong engineering core to help bring their innovations to market by incorporating their findings into the Forescout platform.

Apart from cybersecurity efforts and ongoing exploration, Forescout was recognized for its excellent customer focus, offering global software support and know-how based on years of experience. To help ensure superior customer engagement, Forescout employs multiple strategies, including initial set-up services, assigning dedicated on-site personnel, and regular security check-ups. It also offers both end users and partners a training and certification program designed to enhance security knowledge and facilitate proficient use of its technology.

As Swetha Krishnamoorthi, Frost & Sullivan’s Industry Analyst, put it, “In addition to a superior product, Forescout sets itself apart with its customer engagement strategy. The customer support team at Forescout helps enterprises assess their security posture and provides training and market updates to help enable CISOs to make informed decisions.”

You can read the complete write up detailing why Frost & Sullivan presented Forescout with the 2019 Global IT-OT Smart Building Security Enabling Technology Leadership Award here.

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