Log4J: Understanding & Mitigating Critical Vulnerabilities


The shockwave caused by the Apache Log4j vulnerability’s revelation still resonates, scoring a perfect 10 for severity (CVSS score) and reaching far and wide. Yet, amid the holiday season’s clamor, many organizations stumbled in their response. Are you geared up for the next major vulnerability?

Join this exclusive webinar to unravel the aftermath of Log4j alongside industry experts. Explore vital insights and proactive measures to fortify your defenses before the next vulnerability strikes.

Featured Speakers:

Ellen Sundra
Chief Customer Officer

Shawn Taylor
VP, Threat Detection

Here’s what we’ll cover:
  • Unveiling Log4j Lessons: Discover invaluable insights from the Log4j incident and extract key learnings.
  • Importance of Comprehensive Asset Management: Learn about the critical need for complete hardware and software asset management, coupled with continuous assessment.
  • Rapid Response Strategies: Explore ways to swiftly detect compromises, accelerate incident response, and foster trust in resolutions
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