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Forescout Updates Platform to Empower Enterprises to Identify and Act on High-Risk Devices – Faster

  • New persona-based user interface for Forescout eyeSight provides actionable device context to pinpoint, prioritize and proactively mitigate risks across the extended enterprise
  • Forescout eyeExtend Connect gives customers and the partner community the ability to quickly build, deploy and share apps to integrate with the Forescout platform
  • Enhanced platform includes Forescout eyeSegment to visualize traffic flows and more confidently enforce segmentation controls across the extended network
  • Forescout SilentDefense capabilities and integrations help better manage risk in OT and converged environments

SAN JOSE, Calif. – February 12, 2020 – Forescout Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: FSCT), the leader in device visibility and control, today announced new updates to its platform that will transform the way organizations secure devices at scale. Enterprises are under attack more than ever before and these updates give customers unparalleled ability to defend themselves by identifying and securing high-risk devices, including Internet of Things (IoT) and operational technology (OT) systems.

Forescout’s updated platform leverages the power of the Forescout Device Cloud, the largest knowledgebase of 11M+ enterprise devices. With new and improved classifications and features, the Forescout platform provides unparalleled scale and supports more than 2 million devices across IT, IoT and OT in a single implementation. This allows the largest companies in the world, which often have more than 1 million devices, to confidently identify what is on their network and act quickly to secure them.

“Millions of devices are connecting to enterprise networks every day. Forescout can successfully secure the world’s largest and most complicated envrionments, from a few thousand devices to millions at a single organization,” said Pedro Abreu, chief product and strategy officer, Forescout Technologies. “The latest updates once again confirm our commitment to providing CIOs and CISOs with the right data, context and tools to quickly identify and secure high-risk devices at scale.”

New capabilities and benefits include:

  • New eyeSight user interface: The new highly interactive, web-based interface enables organizations to more easily identify high-risk devices and proactively alert security teams in real-time and at scale. New capabilities also allow security teams to quickly drill down and isolate devices associated with an attack, then share those insights across the organization.
  • New eyeExtend Connect App ecosystem: The new eyeExtend Connect ecosystem allows customers and partners to extend the power of the Forescout platform with community-built apps. This crowdsourced approach will accelerate time-to-value and allow customers to quickly share data between the Forescout platform and all IT and security products for more effective policy enforcement and response automation.
  • New public cloud deployments: Customers now have the flexibility to deploy Forescout in AWS or Microsoft Azure public cloud environments enabling cloud-first organizations to gain the security benefits of the platform without the need for on-premise infrastructure. These new options expand upon the existing support for VMware, Hyper-V and KVM private cloud infrastructure.
  • Enterprise-wide macro segmentation: Forescout integrates these new capabilities with its first cloud native product, eyeSegment, which makes it easier to design and implement enterprise-wide segmentation policies across multiple network domains. Customers can now visualize traffic flows and more confidently enforce segmentation controls across diverse enforcement points in their extended network.
  • OT security and risk management: Forescout delivers the most comprehensive single pane of glass visibility across IT and OT networks. Additional SilentDefense updates include enhanced NERC CIP compliance reporting, selective and non-intrusive active inspection for deeper visibility, and an asset risk framework to aggregate multiple risk factors into impact-based scores.
  • Network access control in Arista environments: Organizations can now leverage direct integrations with Arista infrastructure to implement network access control in Arista as well as heterogenous environments. This enables enterprises to identify IT and IoT devices, provision network access and automate network response to mitigate risks without the need for agents or reliance on 802.1X.

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