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Forescout Delivers New Package to Expedite UK Government Agency Compliance with the Public Services Network Initiative

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London, England — April 23, 2014 — Forescout Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of pervasive network security solutions for Global 2000 enterprises and government organisations, announces the availability of the UK PSN Compliance Package which combines the Forescout CounterACT solution, services and pricing incentives for government authorities in the UK in order to secure unmanaged devices, preempt rogue device and unsanctioned application risks, and support compliance to PSN requirements.

The UK Government continues to improve and ratify requirements for public sector organisations to take advantage of the Public Services Network (PSN) – an initiative to unify the network infrastructure across the UK public sector into an interconnected “network of networks” and to realise greater ICT service economies. More recently, the Cabinet Office increased its PSN connection security measures, requiring organisations to demonstrate full compliance, else face potential disconnection and other penalties for non-compliance. This new Forescout UK PSN Compliance Package offers special solution and promotional pricing for UK Government agencies to support compliance with the PSN Code of Connection (CoCo) in a cost-effective approach that optimises resource and supports government austerity efforts.

To comply with the PSN security directive, public sector organisations must demonstrate that unmanaged devices, including personal devices, cannot gain access to the PSN or PSN-connected systems and services, and organisations are advised to establish endpoint security specifications to be enforced within their published Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). Forescout CounterACT addresses these challenges by leveraging CounterACT’s built-in ability to see, monitor and control what is happening on your network – across users, devices, and applications. Forescout’s solution enables central agencies and local councils to meet and remain compliant to PSN security provisions, to support other security guidelines such as those found in ISO-27001 and PCI-DSS, and to generally reduce cyber attack risks.

The new package offers UK local government agencies an integrated solution providing:

  • Visibility across the network to identify and classify managed and unmanaged devices in real-time
  • Powerful enforcement with a flexible policy engine that automates an extensive range of actions to protect network access:Monitor network users, devices and applications.
  • Ensure only managed devices get access to the PSN.
  • Enforce non-PSN zones that allows a secure use of unmanaged devices and personal owned devices in your organisation.
  • Isolate non-compliant and rogue devices.
  • Detailed coverage report to facilitate auditing and PSN CoCo compliance documentation.
  • Speedy deployment with no required software, agents, or hardware upgrades and network reconfigurations. Everything is contained within a single appliance.
  • Professional services to ensure timely and effective implementation and knowledge transfer.

“Our special government package allows any council or government organisation, regardless of size, to implement an integrated solution that supports PSN mandates in a timely and cost-effective way,” stated Peter Batchelor, Forescout’s UK regional manager for public sector organisations. “We believe that solving these critical security issues around unmanaged and non-compliant devices on the network should not require a heavy forklift upgrade, and expect that this initiative will extend the value our current Government clients already receive from their CounterACT deployments.”

The Forescout UK PSN Compliance Package is available now.  Forescout is working with a small number of certified partners to advise, demonstrate and implement this new solution. For more information please visit Forescout.com/ukpsn.

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