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Deploying the Forescout Platform to Discover, Classify and Inventory Thousands of Connected Devices

Forescout protects complicated, wide-spread public utility, in addition to improving network security as employees work from home during COVID-19

SAN JOSE, Calif., July 28, 2020 – Forescout Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:FSCT), the leader in device visibility and control, today announced NJ TRANSIT (NJT) has deployed Forescout to protect public safety and its customer data state-wide.

NJT is a public transportation system that operates bus, light rail, commuter rail, and Access Link paratransit services throughout New Jersey, as well as into New York and Philadelphia. With more than 16,000 connected devices, IoT and operational technology (OT) have proliferated across its 270 field sites. Understanding what is on its extended enterprise network has become increasingly difficult. NJT deployed the Forescout platform to discover, classify and inventory all connected devices and to minimize vulnerabilities across its vastly complicated network infrastructure.

“Knowing what is on the network is critical,” said Lookman Fazal, chief information and digital officer, NJ TRANSIT. “But as devices have proliferated over time – including many agentless IoT devices such as HVAC and wastewater management systems, payroll clocks, printers, and so on – knowing what is on the network had become increasingly difficult.”

Forescout discovered 6,000 previously unknown devices within one week of deployment without changing the network infrastructure. With COVID-19 causing more employees to work from home and connect to the network via VPN, the Forescout platform automatically checks all devices before allowing them to connect. Forescout’s network access control (NAC) technology blocks access if devices are not authorized and compliant to mitigate potential breaches.

“This is a perfect use case of how our technology has enabled organizations to pivot during the COVID-19 crisis,” said Rob McNutt, chief technology officer, Forescout. “The breadth of our technology partnerships allowed easy integration of our platform with NJT’s existing IT solutions. This provides NJT greater levels of device intelligence and control, as well as granular insight for compliance and auditing.”

“By enriching data from other tools with accurate, real-time data from Forescout, our cybersecurity team is able to make data-driven decisions with confidence. It allows me to sleep at night,” said Bilal Khan, chief technology and security officer, NJ TRANSIT.

In addition to dramatically improving its security, NJT has reaped significant operational time savings from using the Forescout platform. They can now continuously check and report on the status of Windows configurations, antivirus and disk encryption for all managed devices on the network. With a medical unit and police force, NJT is subject to HIPAA and CJIS regulations. Keeping its managed devices compliant with both internal security standards and federal regulations is critical.

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