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Why Customers Choose Forescout over Claroty

Do you live in a world where OT is everything in your infrastructure, or are IT and IoT devices becoming more necessary? For unparalleled asset intelligence, risk management, threat detection, and response across your entire industrial infrastructure—you need Forescout. We can help you navigate this complex landscape with confidence and ease.

Compound conditions and actions

Comprehensive and Deep Coverage

Full coverage and control over your entire ICS infrastructure — OT, IT and networking. Why waste time and money buying additional solutions? With Forescout, you can easily get a complete overview of the attack surface, increasing security and operational efficiency.

Continuous monitoring

Beyond monitoring: Take Action

Forescout is not just about monitoring; it’s about taking charge. Get actionable insights to tackle issues head-on and optimize responses across your OT, IT and security landscape. Don’t let a multitude of events hold you back—act quickly and confidently to mitigate risk and ensure compliance.

150+ Classification Attributes

Field-Proven and Scalable

You need a solution excels in large, challenging environments and scales effortlessly across networks, systems and technologies without compromising performance. Don’t believe it? Ask Forescout customers.

Are You Sure You Are Seeing the Whole Picture?

  • Unsolved Visibility Gaps: Failing to achieve full visibility in IT and OT convergence leaves you vulnerable to hidden threats. Critical blind spots without comprehensive insight put your infrastructure at risk.
  • Network Security Void: Weak network security makes you a target for unauthorized access and lateral movement. If you can’t enforce role-based access or segmentation, compliance is out of reach.
  • Lack of Orchestration: SIEM or firewall integration alone is not enough. Robust orchestration capabilities are critical to automating response, reducing alert fatigue, and improving threat response.

The Forescout Advantage

Can you afford to ignore the IT/OT Convergence? At Forescout, we know you can’t. This is why we provide unified visibility across all Purdue levels and device types, ensuring comprehensive insight into your entire network. Our platform combines real-time monitoring with robust asset intelligence to boost operational efficiency, reduce downtime and improve your security posture. Unlike Claroty, which overlooks IT and network devices, Forescout ensures that no device is left in the dark, securing your entire infrastructure and increasing efficiency.

Claroty Sees the Risk, But Can’t Connect the Dots

  • Risk-lite Understanding: Focuses on asset vulnerabilities but misses deeper insights into network and operational threats, leaving significant gaps in risk management.
  • Poor Vulnerability Management: Limited visibility hinders the clear identification of vulnerabilities, lacks features to manage the remediation process, handle exceptions and effectively monitor progress.
  • Ineffective Risk Metrics: Lacks reliable metrics to effectively prioritize risks, resulting in poor decision-making and unaddressed critical threats.

The Forescout Advantage

Prioritizing threats is crucial, but knowing where to start can be challenging. That’s why we equip security analysts with metrics that rank risks by impact and likelihood, helping them address the most critical threats first. By combining open-source data like EPSS and KEV with Vedere Labs Intelligence, we provide deep insights into security, networking, operational, and asset vulnerabilities.

Network Security: Why Forescout Leads

  • No Network Security: Claroty only monitors asset information and network traffic, merely sharing communication flow details with third-party solutions like firewalls.
  • No Policy Engine: Lacks a robust policy engine with templates and controls, so even basic network security tasks require extensive configuration and fine-tuning.
  • No Preventative Capabilities: Only reacts to violations, missing proactive controls for basic network security hygiene and lacking reactive policies for non-compliant or risky scenarios.

The Forescout Advantage

In today’s modern industrial infrastructures, where IT devices are merging with IoT sensors and OT assets, neglecting network security is not an option. Forescout actively enforces compliance and secures all connected assets to ensure comprehensive protection. Users can visualize traffic between asset groups and create and test dynamic segmentation policies that enforce least privilege access. With thousands of templates and pre-built options, robust network security is just a click away with Forescout.

Forescout vs Claroty Comparison

Analyst Recognition

According to Gartner, by 2025, 75% of OT security solutions will be interoperable with IT security solutions and delivered via multifunction platforms. The Gartner Market Guide for OT Security provides a holistic assessment of the current state of this changing market to help future-proof your OT cybersecurity strategy.

Validated by Customers

Major European Defense Company Deploys Building Automation System Security & SOC Integration for Critical Manufacturing

The customer deployed eyeInspect (formerly SilentDefense) to improve BAS and ICS threat detection capabilities for critical production plants of defense components.

Forescout Claroty
Platform Integrated Security Platform
Comprehensive platform for visibility, network security, risk management, threat detection, and incident response. Forescout secures all cyber assets (IT, IoT, IoMT, OT) and integrates with existing cybersecurity technologies to address multiple use cases and enhance proactive defense.
Limited Use Case Support
Claroty excels in specific OT use cases like Secure Remote Access and certain industries like medical, but is limited in network security, incident response and automation. It works best in hybrid mode but struggles with flexibility and large scale deployment.
Visibility Comprehensive Asset Visibility
Forescout offers extensive discovery options and excellent asset classifications in OT, IT and IoT environments. It includes robust asset management features and endpoint protection.
Strong Focus on OT and IoT
Claroty excels in OT and IoT visibility but falls short on IT assets. Integrating third-party solutions for data enrichment is cumbersome. It also lacks key asset management features for bulk editing, synchronization, and updates.
Network Security Leading NAC and Segmentation
Proven track record in large, complex deployments, Forescout offers advanced capabilities for assessing, segmenting, and enforcing NAC in industrial environments, enabling comprehensive orchestration across multiple vendors.
Minimal Network Security
Claroty has no built-in network security features and relies heavily on third-party integration. It only supports basic NAC and segmentation use cases, lacks proactive policies, and struggles with flexibility and scalability issues in large deployments.
Risk Proactive Risk Management
Forescout leverages Vedere Labs research for relevant risk analysis, contextualization, and prioritization. Its advanced features manage the entire risk process and automate compliance remediation actions, ensuring a proactive approach to risk management.
OT Risk Management
Claroty offers limited risk management focused on OT/IoT. It passively identifies risks but fails to address them proactively, relying mainly on detection without implementing measures to mitigate threats. Its approach leaves gaps in comprehensive risk management.
Threat Detection Cutting-Edge Threat Detection
Forescout provides intelligence-driven detection with high accuracy and detailed event classification. It includes fine-tuning options, analyst-oriented views, playbook support, and advanced case management features for comprehensive threat management.
Basic Event Analysis
Claroty's threat detection suffers from limited data source integration, sometimes resulting in delayed or incomplete event classification. Additionally, limited fine-tuning options and analyst support lead to long and repetitive manual tasks to manage and prioritize events.
Incident Response Comprehensive Incident Response
With TDR, Forescout offers full incident response capabilities, including SOC workflow automation, data retention, forensic support, and optional 24/7 managed services to ensure swift and effective threat mitigation.
No Incident Response
Claroty lacks incident response capabilities and relies solely on third-party integrations to orchestrate basic workflows, mainly confined to sharing information about assets and events with other systems.

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