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Securing Federal Civilian Agencies

Track incidents from alert to resolution

Forescout’s eyeExtend for Spunk enables sharing of device context that SOC analysts need for informed threat analysis and remediation. Focus resources on the most urgent security events and compress incident response time to curb cyber attack impact on operations.

Identify and isolate high-risk devices

Devices with unpatched or out of date software create risk. Forescout’s eyeExtend for Tenable can trigger automatic security assessments the minute a device connects to your network. Move compliant devices to the production network and isolate high-risk devices until they become compliant with security policies.

Automate and simplify security patching

Forescout compliments client management tools like HCL BigFix by checking that agents are installed, compliant, properly configured and communicating with its server to deliver the security intended.

The Forescout Platform can serve as the centerpiece of your CDM solution by helping you:

  • Mitigate vulnerabilities and quickly respond to incidents with automated, real-time visibility of endpoints as they connect to your network.
  • Establish a real-time inventory of devices, hardware, operating systems, applications, patch levels, open ports, peripheral devices, users and more.
  • Limit network access to authorized users and devices with or without 802.1X.
  • Assess the security and compliance posture of endpoints in real time, both pre- and post-connection.
  • Automate remediation of noncompliant endpoints by auto-updating endpoint configurations, patches and updates, and install, activate, or disabling applications or peripherals.
  • Produce realtime compliance reports and shorten Detection Interval Latency by initiating compliance scans as hosts connect, rather than waiting for time-based scans.
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Easily integrate custom applications, security tools and management systems with the Forescout platform

Quickly build, consume and share integrations that connect the Forescout platform to many other technologies. Forescout’s eyeExtend Connect allows you to incorporate Forescout platform data with your other security and information technology solutions, creating a single source of truth about all devices connected to your enterprise.

Proactively detect overexposed privileged accounts to reduce risk

Forescout eyeExtend for CyberArk provides real-time, agentless visibility into undiscovered local privileged accounts. Automate responses to threats based on holistic visibility into user activity, device security posture, incident severity and overall threat exposure.

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