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Let’s Talk Device Visibility And Control At RSAC 2019

Jennifer Geisler, Vice President, Marketing | February 28, 2019

What Do Device Visibility and Control Have in Common with a Grammy Award Winner and 42,000+ Cyber Professionals?

I love the theme of ‘Where the world talks security,” yet at RSA Conference 2018, it seemed as though visibility was the only thing people were talking about. So, what will the talk of the conference be this year? My hope is we will have a more prescriptive discussion about visibility that starts with defining the type of visibility. I won’t be shy about talking specifically about comprehensive device visibility—the ability to see 100 percent of IP-connected devices in the campus (including IoT), data center, cloud and OT environments.

And I’m not talking about just seeing IP addresses, either. You need to go way deeper than that if you want true situational awareness of all your devices. This requires granular, real-time visibility. No software agents. No blinders. No rose-colored glasses.

After you discover a device, you need to automatically classify it, assess its security posture and continuously monitor it to make sure it remains compliant with your security policies. We could stop there but we want to actually fix the problem, which means we are now talking about device visibility and control. Control adds the capability to secure those devices by automatically applying the appropriate level of enforcement based on policies and the situational awareness I mentioned previously.

It all starts with device visibility—understanding what it really means and how best to use it.

What does device visibility mean to you? I invite you (yes, you and all 42,000+ attendees) to stop by the Forescout booth and post your definition on our booth wall.

So where does the Grammy award winner in this blog title come in? Once again, Forescout is hosting THE hottest party at RSAC 2019, and this year CrowdStrike will be the co-sponsor. If you want to see who will preforming live, stop by our booth to participate in the raffle.

While you’re in the booth to enter the raffle and post your version of what device visibility means, let’s talk about how Forescout can give you the power of 100-percent IP-connected device visibility and control. I hope to see you there!

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