Sierra:21 – Mitigating Vulnerabilities in OT/IoT Routers


Forescout Vedere Labs recently found 21 new vulnerabilities affecting OT/IoT routers. These vulnerabilities may allow attackers to steal credentials, take control of a router by injecting malicious code, persist on the device, and use it as an initial access point into critical networks.

OT/IoT routers are used to connect critical local networks to the Internet via cellular connections such as 3G and 4G. They are present in sectors such as energy, transportation, water and wastewater systems, manufacturing and healthcare. We see more than 86,000 potentially vulnerable routers exposed on the Internet – less than 10% of which have been confirmed patched against previous vulnerabilities.

Featured Speaker:

Daniel Dos Santos
Head of Security Research

Tune in to understand:
  • Where and how these routers are used, as well as why these vulnerabilities matter
  • The new vulnerabilities we found and disclosed, as well as how attackers can leverage those
  • Strategies and actions that asset owners should take to mitigate risk
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