Securing the Future: Safeguarding OT Systems in a Connected World by Effectively Mitigating Risk

Aug 20, 11:00am ET | 8:00am PT


Join Chris Patteson, Director at DeNexus and former CISO, alongside Alyssa Bright, Alliances Director and former cybersecurity engineer from Forescout, as they interview a joint customer to showcase how evidence-based analyses can help prioritize risk mitigation and allocate cybersecurity resources effectively.

In this interview-style customer case study, you’ll learn how a systematic approach—starting with identifying vulnerabilities and quantifying cyber risk—can reveal the risk mitigation projects that contribute the most to risk reduction.

Forescout and DeNexus, longstanding tech alliance partners, empower customers to eliminate the uncertainty of cyber risk by quantifying it and implementing effective mitigation policies.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to effectively mitigate your cybersecurity risk in OT!

Featured Speakers:

Chris Patteson
Director, Account Management

Alyssa Bright
Director, Alliances

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