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Return to Office

Unseen Risks When Workers Return to the Office

Security risks will soon walk right through your front door as employees return to the office with decaying devices.

Zero Trust Strategies for Return to the Office

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Join Forescout and guest speaker Steve Turner of Forrester as they uncover the unseen risks of returning to the office. Find out how to adapt to the new normal and learn about security strategies you can implement today to mitigate risks to your enterprise’s network.


Steve Turner
Forrester Analyst

Tamer Baker

Sandeep Kumar
Sr. Director, Product Marketing

Protect Your Enterprise from Threats and Risks That Come from Workers and Their Devices Returning to the Office

Identify all devices
Gain 100% visibility and inventory of all returning and new IP-connected devices.

Assess device decay
Inspect device hygiene upon connection and continuously thereafter.

Automate security compliance
Trigger workflows to auto-remediate high-risk and noncompliant devices.

Segment for Zero Trust
Constrain noncompliant devices and grant least-privilege access when hygiene is clean.

“We went from having a handful of offices to protecting across 5,000 locations. Forescout paints a clear picture of the security posture of all on-premise and remote assets. This helps us control endpoint configurations and improve monitoring and alerting of security controls.”


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As employees return to the office, what security risks are they bringing with them?

Assess device hygiene and take control with Forescout.

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