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The Forrester Wave™: ICS Security Solutions, Q4 2021

Complete Device Visibility is The Foundation of Every Organization’s Cyber Security Strategy

Don’t Consider ICS/OT Security In Isolation

Critical infrastructure and manufacturing organization have increasingly been in the headlines for a series of high-profile cyber-attacks. There are many common traits among these attacks: the exploitation of weak device security posture, including default credentials, vulnerable services, a lack of segmentation and the use of IT systems as an entry point. To secure industrial control systems (ICS), organizations need to move quickly not only to gain visibility into their OT environments but to tighten security across the entire enterprise. Without an enterprise-wide cyber defense, industrial enterprises are increasingly becoming targets of extortion.

It is imperative for IT and OT teams to unite against this common foe.

In-depth device visibility of IT, IoT and OT networks and devices offered by the Forescout platform is key to enabling effective, real-time management of a full range of operational and cyber risks. Forescout not only provides the required insights into devices, protocols, and risks, but also uniquely enables organizations to act upon these findings with advanced segmentation, network access control and incident response, leveraging built-in enforcement capabilities and a broad set of bi-directional integrations with existing security tools.

Download The Forrester Wave™: Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Security Solutions, Q4 2021 report to see why we believe Forescout’s device visibility is the best in the industry across all environments and all technologies – IT, IoT, and OT – and should be at the foundation of any cyber security strategy.