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Banking on Security: Leveraging Device Data to Manage Risk in Financial Services

Financial Services organizations face diverse and serious cyber risks.

Increased activity from nation states is forcing regulated companies to heighten their vigilance against cyberattacks.

Forescout’s Research team analyzed device deployments from some of the world’s leading financial institutions and identified disturbing findings that indicate a lack of maturity in key areas such as device visibility and network segmentation. The research suggests that many banking and retail devices are within proximity of non-traditional (IoT and OT) devices, exposing networks to elevated opportunities for attackers to move laterally between critical infrastructure and the data center. This research report offers guidance on:

  • How to identify the most vulnerable IoT devices on a financial services network
  • Understanding the increasing threat posed by building automation systems
  • How an increased and targeted focus on device visibility, compliance and segmentation can reduce overall risk
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