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Go Beyond Device Visibility to Prioritize and Act on Cybersecurity Risk

Barry Mainz | June 28, 2023

When I joined Forescout as CEO six months ago, I was excited to partner with our strong employees, management team and board as we take the company through its next phase of growth. Today I’m pleased to announce enhancements to the Forescout® Platform that will help customers fully understand the risk posture of their attack surface and enable their security teams to focus on remediating the assets that pose the most risk.

Build on a core foundation of visibility and control

The Forescout Platform is the only automated cybersecurity platform that offers continuous discovery, assessment and control of all managed and unmanaged connected assets – IT, IoT, IoMT and OT – from campus to data center to edge. It plays a critical role in the cyber defense of many of the largest and best-known enterprises and agencies around the globe. Our customers report that they see over 30% more assets in their environment than previously known when they deploy our platform.

Still, we consistently hear from customers the need to derive even greater value – to not only understand the details and risks of connected devices but be able to take the best actions based on accurate information.

What I’ve heard loud and clear, particularly from our customer advisory board members, is this:

  • Can you give me a clear picture of my attack surface and the gaps in my security tools?
  • What’s the biggest gap in my defenses?
  • Which vulnerability is most likely to get exploited by an attacker?
  • Do I have any gaps or misconfigurations that mean I’ll fail my next audit?
  • Which problems should we fix first?

Prove the effectiveness of your strategy and investments

Today, CISOs must not only reduce actual risk and exposure but be able to prove to their boards the value of their security investments. If ChatGPT were to summarize my conversations with customers, it might say something like this:

We love the real-time contextual asset data provided by Forescout® eyeSight but are struggling to know how to best use the data to implement controls. We have policies in place but don’t know how effective they are at reducing our exposure, and we need to be able to report a reduction in risk over time, for compliance, audit and other business mandates.

In other words, you need a simplified way to maintain both real-time and persistent asset intelligence for every connected device – managed or unmanaged, physical or virtual, including OT/ICS, IoT devices and specialty subsets like medical devices. The platform enhancements we are making will provide that intelligence to help you effectively prove a reduction in risk posture of your attack surface.

Persistent asset intelligence is also essential for more effective threat detection, and for faster investigation of a breach or incident to pinpoint the root cause, such as when a compromised device’s configuration or risk posture changed. You could then identify similar devices and exposure gaps to fix the issues before another incident occurs.

Identify, quantify and prioritize cybersecurity risk

The new risk exposure and management capabilities in the Forescout Platform will enhance your security posture by:

  • Identifying the exposure of your attack surface
  • Quantifying the risk presented to your organization
  • Prioritizing remediation actions through guided mitigation, historical context and a risk-based approach to incident response

Our newest platform enhancements include a cloud-native multifactor risk score that combines attributes from the configuration, function and behavior of every connected asset. You can see overall risk presented as a whole, in executive-style dashboards, and as risk over time for each individual asset for the past 90 days. The score correlates all the asset data that we collect to help you understand the true risk of each device and overall risk posture of your entire attack surface.

Identify, quantify and prioritize cybersecurity risk

More consolidated risk management news to come

The platform enhancements I’m describing here are game changing for security professionals, especially if you’re a current Forescout customer. I hope you also recognize that they are incremental changes to a strong, enduring platform that extends the power of what you already have.

We look forward to sharing more details about our new risk and exposure management solution in the coming weeks. In the meantime, please book a meeting with your account manager, or schedule a demo to learn more.

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