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4 Obstacles Preventing Businesses from Having Full Device Visibility

Cyber Bob, Principal Security Engineer and CTO at Forescout | October 23, 2019

The number of IoT devices is expected to rise to 20.6 billion by 2020, according to Gartner. These devices bring many benefits to a business, like increased collaboration or better monitoring of critical systems. But for security teams, having a holistic view of what is connected, as well as where it connects, is critical for ensuring that the corporate networks remain secure in this new world.

However, that can be easier said than done in many cases. Getting full device visibility across the extended enterprise is proving a challenge for many security teams.

There are four major challenges that organizations are facing:

  1. Data is spread broadly across organizations, which makes it a challenge for security teams to extract actionable insights. The rapid growth of IoT only furthers this challenge, as many IT departments can’t keep track of the data of what devices are on their networks.
  2. The convergence of IT and OT means that more types of devices are connecting to networks than ever before, including devices that were never intended to be connected to the Internet in the first place. These non-traditional devices are creating blind spots for IT departments when it comes to getting full visibility across their environments.
  3. Even with cyberattacks on the rise, it is still a challenge for many organizations to align their budgets and priorities around setting up security infrastructure, such as visibility technology.
  4. While an organization might see the importance of and even adopt device visibility & control technology, many organizations are doing so in a fragmented fashion, operating in silos instead of purchasing a unified platform that can manage all solutions and identify any vulnerabilities that can be addressed. This can create security blind spots within an organization.

Read more about what challenges organizations face when looking to implement device visibility & control solutions, as well as what your organization can do to avoid these pitfalls in the Computer Business Review.

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