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CounterACT NAC-as-a-Service (NaaS)

CounterACT NAC + ForeScout Mobile

Accelerate Access, Endpoint and Mobile Compliance.
ForeScout CounterACT for network access control (NAC) offers a proven approach to enable any IT organization to gain real-time visibility and automated control over who, how, when and what devices are connecting to the enterprise – devices; managed, remote, mobile, personal.

Now customers gain more choice to accelerate endpoint and access compliance and achieve BYOD security by teaming ForeScout CounterACT NAC and ForeScout MDM as a managed or hosted service delivered through our authorized service provider partners.

Peace of mind.
With CounterACT, organizations get the peace of mind knowing that employee and guest access is secure; endpoint security policies are in place, measured and enforced; personal mobile devices are tracked and managed; and controls are in place to prevent threats.

With the ForeScout Mobile add-on, the IT staff can quickly effectuate BYOD policy with both network and device-level controls for iOS and Android platform. Security operators can also consolidate information about endpoints on the network, including unmanaged mobile devices and those managed by their MDM systems, into the CounterACT platform, as well as complement network-based controls with MDM device-level security.

NAC-as-a-Service Benefits:

Off-load security resources and operational tasks Expedite procurement and deployment
Gain expertise in policy and control implementation Redistribute capital expenditure
Pay for use On-demand scalability
Assure round-the-clock response, availability and support Meet timely compliance schedules and objectives
Achieve target implementation dates Lock-in predictable NAC operational expenses
Fortify MDM device-protection with network defenses Effectuate BYOD security policy

The features that make ForeScout the leading NAC platform make it the best solution to be implemented as a hosted or managed service.

  • Usability
  • Agentless, non-disruptive deployment
  • Integrated best-in-class functionality
  • Interoperability
  • Broad, flexible policy enforcement
  • Mobile device security and MDM platform support
  • Superior management and scale


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