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ForeScout Security Orchestration: The Mobile Device Management Story with AirWatch

November 17, 2015 • 10:00 am – 10:45 am PST

Description: How do you allow employees to use smartphones and tablets for business purposes, while preserving security? The best practice is to use a combination of network, device, and data security tools. Hear experts from AirWatch and ForeScout discuss how you can protect your enterprise from the security risks of mobile devices while keeping your employees productive and efficient through business mobility.

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Proactive Security through Behavioral Analysis and Control

Description: Join ForeScout Technologies, Inc. and Symantec for the final webinar in this 3-part series. Intelligence Driven Security provides a new level of defense against unknown and advanced persistent threats. The integrated solution offered by Symantec and ForeScout applies a policy-driven, abstraction layer around systems, applications and users, ensuring emerging attack vectors are unable to compromise and exploit IT services. This proactive approach to securing against new threats married with traditional signature-based controls ensures a complete level of protection against known and unknown threats.

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Bolstering Cyber Defenses through Continuous Diagnostics & Mitigation (CDM)

Description: Government organizations need a proactive and consistent security approach to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets. Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation provides the essential toolset to combat increasing cyber attacks, protect sensitive information and mitigate security breaches. Rather than a periodic and reactive approach, CDM allows organizations to embrace proactive, context-aware, intelligent response designed to continuously reduce enterprise risk and improve policy compliance. Join ForeScout Technologies, Inc. and DLT Solutions to learn how your agency can bolster cyber defenses through CDM.

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Automating Management of Known Threats

Description: Scanning for vulnerabilities and scaling remediation across your agency requires your IT staff to continuously and proactively respond to cyber threats, advisories, patches, updates and more. Responding with manual actions further constrains IT resources and adds to response times. Empower your IT staff to focus on new and emerging threats through an integrated solution offered by Symantec and ForeScout Technologies, Inc. In the 2nd session of this 3-part webinar series, cyber security experts from Symantec and ForeScout will share immediate actions for transforming manual vulnerability management and remediation processes into automated ones.

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You Can’t Protect What You Can’t See

Description: Over 25,500 Over 25,500 data incidents at federal agencies occurred in 2013, according to the Government Accountability Office. The count for 2014 is not yet in, but we know highly visible agencies like the White House, State Department and Postal Service were breached.
Don’t let your agency make the top breaches in 2015 list! View the first of this 3-part webinar series and hear from two security leaders – Symantec and ForeScout Technologies, Inc. about security threats affecting agencies, consequences of a ‘do nothing’ approach, and solutions to monitor and mitigate cyber attacks.

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Mapping Next-Generation NAC to the Critical Security Controls

Description: NAC has evolved from a straightforward admission control tool to a robust set of security capabilities that map to a number of the Critical Security Controls. It provides a range of endpoint discovery, assessment, enforcement and remediation capabilities and other ways to control network access from new and unknown devices while achieving the goal of automation that is the philosophy behind the CSCs.

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Managing Risk and Protecting Information Assets: Experiences from the UK Public Sector and Healthcare Industry

Description: This webinar assembles an expert panel of participants encompassing both the public sector and healthcare industries in the UK to provide insights and technology solutions to mitigate these security challenges.
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Gigamon and ForeScout: Making Continuous Monitoring and Mitigation a Reality

Description: ForeScout teams with Gigamon to deliver a pervasive network security platform that fortifies access control, enables enterprise mobility, automates endpoint compliance, and mitigates advanced threats.
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Defending Against the Rogue:
Technology Solutions to Address unwanted Users, Devices and Applications
Description: This webinar features new research in a Bloor Research report by Fran Howarth, which looks at how next-generation NAC technologies have become essential tools in the security arsenal for preempting rogue user, device and application riska and ensuring that sensitive data is kept safe.
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The In’s and Out’s of Next-Gen NAC
Enabling Pervasive Network Security
Description: An interactive webinar that examines recent cyber defense research and explores the real-world application of next-gen NAC to enable pervasive network security.
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Securing Critical Patient Privacy & Care
Visibility, Control and Response for Healthcare Providers

Description: This webinar brings together a panel of healthcare security professionals to discuss an array of critical security issues that involve privacy, BYOD and network access, managing life-saving devices, and ensuring compliance with federal regulations. The panelists will look at how to use integrated technology solutions to deliver both enhanced security and flexibility in the healthcare environment.

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IT Cyber Defense – Progress and Denial
Led by IDG and sponsored by ForeScout, join this webcast as we reveal the recent IDG global survey findings, discuss the issues and applied technologies, examine anticipated improvements, and give recommendations.
  • Drew Amorosi, Infosecurity Magazine
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White Paper excerpt from Webinar on Reaping the Benefits of Continuous Monitoring and Mitigation At Pioneer Investments
Description: Whitepaper excerpt from the webinar: A forward thinking security team responsible for operations and compliance checks was searching for a network security solution that would provide intelligence across users, devices and applications, enforce granular policy control, and enable control interoperability. The network security solution they implemented from ForeScout allowed them to gain visibility and apply specific policies at both the client and network levels, enhance control integration among different tools, and reduce costs by saving man hours versus looking at multiple security devices – demonstrating an immediate return on investment. “Phenomenal” interoperability and technical support was an added bonus.
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Description: With seemingly adversarial requirements for increased access and providing appropriate security, healthcare IT leaders are facing growing and emergent challenges. Providers, employees, visitors, and patients all demand access to more and more information, from any device of their choosing. These market forces present challenges for Healthcare IT; how do we provide the access requested (and demanded) while addressing security concerns and achieve compliance with federal regulatory laws such as the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and other state and federal laws?

This session features Larry Allen, Certified Healthcare CSO, who presents an overview of of how hospitals are dealing with these challenges. Joining Larry are Travis Funkhouser, Systems Engineer for ForeScout and Matt Bohall, then-Sr. Network Security Engineer, Miami Children’s Hospital. Together they discuss how healthcare organizations are dealing with these challenges on a daily basis. View the webinar and you will learn how Healthcare IT departments can rise to meet the network security challenges, including:

  • Increased demand for access across mobile & medical devices
  • Increased regulatory requirements for achieving compliance
  • Increased demands on network infrastructures
  • Securing the network from both managed and unmanaged devices,


  • Larry Allen, Certified Healthcare CSO
  • Matt Bohall, former Sr. Network Security Engineer, Miami Children’s Hospital
  • Travis Funkhouser, Systems Engineer, ForeScout
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  • How do you know what devices are accessing your network?
  • How do you detect a rogue device?
  • What can you do to prevent a threat in your network and minimize the risk?

With workforce mobility, bring your own device (BYOD) into the workplace, and guest access into your network, enterprises are realizing how important it is to track and monitor who and what is accessing the network. We’ve recently seen examples of how rogue devices have caused significant damage through gaining access to corporate infrastructure through network vulnerabilities. And, it’s alarming how easy it is for this to happen. A rogue or unknown device connects onto what you thought was a protected network, gains access and proceeds to cause often irrevocable damage which can result in millions of dollars to your business. Can you afford for this to happen? Attend this webinar, which focuses on how to manage this threat, reviewing the potential risks, and how technology can be applied to proactively eliminate the issue.

The panelists will look at how Network Access Control (NAC) or Endpoint Visibility, Access, and Security (EVAS) is being implemented by enterprises worldwide to address network security while continuing to support current infrastructure and the expanding mobile workforce.

More Details

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ForeScout Network Access Control Solution
Description: ForeScout CounterACT for Network Access Control is an automated security control platform that lets you see and control everything on your network–all devices, all operating systems, all applications, all users.


Securing Mobile Devices with NAC and MDM

Description: How can an enterprise mobilize their workforce with the latest handheld devices and mobile apps, while preserving security? The combination of mobile device management (MDM) and network access control (NAC) provides one of the most flexible approaches, combining both security and operational efficiency. Join Don Coop, Product Manager for SAP Afaria, and Jack Marsal, Director of Solution Marketing at ForeScout, to learn how to easily solve the mobile security puzzle with SAP and ForeScout:

  • Mobile device implementation and control considerations
  • Network Access Control 101
  • How ForeScout and SAP team together to provide total mobile device visibility and control


  • Don Coop, Product Manager for SAP Afaria
  • Jack Marsal, Director of Solution Marketing at ForeScout
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Description: Increase the quality and reduce the cost of patient care by introducing smartphones and tablets within healthcare. The advantages offered by mobility are not, however, free of drawbacks. Mobile technology rollouts introduce increased IT workloads, information security risks, and struggles to uphold HIPAA compliance.Through the combination of mobile device management (MDM) and network access control (NAC), you can gain a flexible and efficient approach to securely support your mobile healthcare initiatives.Join our webinar to learn how to quickly and securely enable access to healthcare data on mobile devices:
  • Market overview – mobility for healthcare IT
  • Network access control 101
  • Managing mobility with MDM
  • How MDM and NAC provide total control
  • Healthcare use cases with NAC and MDM
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Description: Network Access Control (NAC) or Endpoint Visibility, Access, and Security (EVAS) continues to build momentum as an ever-increasing number of enterprises worldwide look for new ways to address network security while continuing to support current infrastructure and the expanding mobile workforce. IT managers need to understand the role NAC (or EVAS) plays within their network environment and need to come up with suggestions for a quick and cost effective deployment.

This webinar will provide a live demo of ForeScout CounterACT™, recognized as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Network Access Control.

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Description: Companies have amassed an arsenal of security tools to enable a defense-in-depth strategy. Best practices dictate the use of SIEM, VA, encryption, patching, DLP, MDM and other security tools – but this often creates silos of controls and data. Given network, device, access and threat dynamics, how can IT be more efficient and effective to identify and resolve exposures and attacks?

This live broadcast brings together a panel of industry experts to discuss the advantages of means to leverage controls and intelligence through a bi-directional integration. Join us as Bob Bragdon, Publisher, CSO Magazine, interviews executives from ForeScout, HP ArcSight, FireEye, McAfee, MobileIron and The Chertoff Group as they discuss how their customers can advance continuous monitoring and mitigation techniques, and also examines how ForeScout ControlFabric™ technologies can be applied to strengthen security posture, improve IT responsiveness and optimize resources.


  • Bob Bragdon, CSO Magazine – Moderator
  • Doron Shikmoni, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, ForeScout
  • Haiyan Song, VP and General Manager of HP ArcSight Business Unit
  • Manish Gupta, VP Products, FireEye
  • Alyssa Fitzpatrick, SVP, Worldwide Alliances, McAfee
  • Mark Weatherford, Chertoff Group
  • Sean Ginevan, Director of Business Development, MobileIron
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Description: They say knowledge is power. Possessing the ability to have increased visibility into your network traffic, devices, systems, apps and users can only increase your security, resilience and knowledge of what’s happening in your infrastructure. Join (ISC)2 along with sponsors Gigamon and ForeScout on September 12, 2013 at 1:00pm Eastern for our next roundtable webinar where we’ll examine key requirements and technologies for IT to gain enterprise visibility, control and automation. We’ll also discuss common network visibility, access and endpoint compliance gaps; BYOD, policy and security automation; and approaches to leveraging infrastructure and security investments that effectuate IT-GRC security controls.

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Description: In the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) era, the ability to manage and secure employee-owned devices that connect to corporate data is essential. The combination of mobile device management (MDM) and network access control (NAC) provides one of the most flexible approaches to securely support BYOD.

Join Clint Adams, Director of Mobile Technology Solutions at Fiberlink and Keith Glynn, Senior Technical Solution Engineer at ForeScout to learn how to easily solve the BYOD puzzle with Fiberlink and ForeScout:

  • BYOD implementation and control considerations
  • Network Access Control 101
  • How MDM and NAC provide total BYOD control
  • BYOD use cases with NAC and MDM
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Description: Healthcare IT must satisfy a myriad of compliance mandates, enable employee and non-employee caregiver use of latest personal mobile and medical devices, and protect network operations and sensitive information – all while optimizing resources and costs? How are innovative security professionals supporting patient care priorities while mitigating access, privacy and endpoint compliance threats? Join Larry Whiteside Jr., former CISO of Spectrum Health and ForeScout as this expert/practitioner panel examines unique IT challenges and trends, visibility and control gaps, and innovative security technologies to deliver efficient services and reduce risks.

Featured Speakers:

  • Larry Whiteside Jr., Former CISO, Spectrum Health
  • Jack Marsal, Director of Solution Marketing, ForeScout Technologies
  • Michael W. Pinch, CISA, CISM, CGEIT, PMP Chief Information Security Officer University of Rochester Medical CenterMike Pinch is the Chief Information Security Officer for the University of Rochester Medical Center, supporting healthcare, research, and medical education. Mike has worked on both the payer and provider side, previously as the Chief Technology Officer for Palladian Health. He is a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), Information Security Manager(CISM), Governance in Enterprise IT (CGEIT), and Project Management Professional (PMP). Pinch teaches at the Rochester Institute of Technology and is an experienced mobile entrepreneur. He has a Computer Science degree from Union College, and Masters degrees in Business Administration and Computer Security / Information Assurance. With URMC, Pinch has been largely focused on building an Information Security program, focusing on mobile security, network access control, and governance, risk, and compliance.
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Description: Almost every SIEM vendor has used the term “actionable intelligence” to describe how SIEM platforms can identify threats, exposures, fraud and violations ­ with the result being alerts and reports. How does SIEM and NAC take actionable intelligence to the next level. What if the SIEM correlation engine could take advantage of the real-time network asset intelligence and endpoint remediation / mitigation controls of NAC. How can SIEM and NAC create a closed-loop system for continuous compliance and mitigation. Join this expert/practitioner panel as they examine key policies, capability, politics and technologies behind the real-world integration between SIEM and NAC.

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Description: Is your agency coping with identifying and protecting against the constant barrage of sophisticated cyber threats, while at the same time, trying to improve your FISMA scores?

From reduced resources (budget, manpower and unified vision), to lack of an automated risk mitigation capabilities, these factors continue to impact civilian agency FISMA scores. WTOP brings together a panel of network security experts to explore the challenges civilian agencies face in dealing with critical cyber security concerns, and discuss how to coordinate defenses, leverage advanced tools and take advantage of CDM programs to help agencies tackle these issues.

The White House has emphasized the need for continuous monitoring since 2010, and as part of the FY13 Homeland Security Appropriations Bill, DHS is to assist other federal agencies in enhancing their cybersecurity efforts. The CDM initiative gives participating agencies the means to implement continuous monitoring as a service (CMaaS), which is a bundled solution comprised of systems, sensors, risk- status displays and professional consulting services.

Tune in as the expert panel discusses:

  • How CDM address the challenge of continuous vigilance against modern cyberthreats, not only by keeping the nation’s infrastructure as resistant as possible to exploits, but also instantly detecting configuration drifts and vulnerabilities that may increase exposure to attack.
  • How BYOD security challenges may hamper agencies from achieving the CDM goals, and what steps they can take to ensure all devices are detected and protected.
  • How automated network security and endpoint compliance tools can help agencies achieve results needed to improve their FISMA controls.

Moderator: Jason Miller – Editorial Director Federal News Radio

  • Joseph Beal – Chief Information Security Officer (CISO); Director of Security Services, CCSi
  • Venu Ayala – President, Zen Strategics LLC
  • Ken Kartsen – Vice President, Federal, McAfee
  • Wallace Sann – Federal CTO, ForeScout Technologies
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Description: Legacy systems, broad access, diverse devices, network dynamics, and resource constraints all impact the means to improve your FISMA score, NIST security guidelines, and close security gaps. How can you optimize processes and effectuate controls, which can eliminate intrusions, protect sensitive information and reduce attack exposure. Join this analyst and expert panel as they present a pragmatic approach to Continuous Diagnostics & Mitigation (CDM), and explore:

  • NIST Guidelines and FISMA Scoring Challenges
  • The 4 key tenants of CDM
  • How CDM supports other compliance mandates
  • Impactful process changes and control integration to realize CDM
  • A policy-based CDM reference platform
Presenters Include:
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Description:  With all the talk around APTs, mobility and the cloud, you may have assumed that NAC was old news. But NAC is making a comeback. This webinar will take stock of the latest developments around NAC and see how it can address your organisation’s most pressing network, security and compliance challenges.

Join us to learn about:

  • Current drivers for NAC deployment
  • Common and uncommon use cases
  • Its inner workings and policy-based functionality
  • Good, bad and ugly implementation practices
  • Real-world justification, deployment and operational techniques
Presenters Include:
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Featuring:  Jack Marsal, Director of Solution Marketing, ForeScout
Description:  Watch this webinar to learn ten best practices for planning and implementing a BYOD program.


Topics covered:
  • Top benefits and pitfalls of BYOD programs
  • How to plan your BYOD strategy
  • Tips to ensure program success
  • Choosing a security strategy for your network, devices and data
  • Selecting security products
  • Integrating NAC with MDM
  • Case study – how a large U.S. bank rolled out a BYOD program very successfully
Description: Network Access Control (NAC) at first glance appears to be solely concerned with roles-based, device authenticated access to network resources. Given the diversity and proliferation of smart consumer devices in the workplace and the trend for enterprises to take advantage of wireless, cloud and mobile applications, next generation NAC has evolved beyond its namesake to become an integral component to effectuate visibility, asset intelligence and integrity, and network security controls.This webcast will explore how today’s NAC can align with many of the 20 Critical Security Controls, particularly in regards to monitoring, configuration, mobility and access. IT governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) assumptions, control challenges and NAC use cases are also slated for discussion, followed by an opportunity to present your questions to the experts. Register now for this webcast, and be among the first to receive a new SANS Analyst Whitepaper on the subject.


SC Magazine - logo image “Why NAC? Why Now?” (60 mins)
Description:  The webcast hosted by SC Magazine will take a deep dive into NAC and the considerations and opportunity with regards to deploying NAC within the large enterprise. Panelists with in-the-trenches experience from Hadassah Medical Center, Queens College, Atrion Networking and ForeScout Technologies will present proven process and technology considerations that InfoSec professionals can put to immediate use. Topics covered will include:

  • How NAC has evolved over the years
  • Real-world issues, considerations and operational impact
  • The importance of combining NAC, MDM and other technical controls under one set of policies
  • Why companies deploy NAC when they have zero interest in blocking devices from the network

Speakers on this include:

  • Barak Shrefler, IT manager and CISO, Hadassah Medical Center
  • Morris Altman, director of network services, Queens College
  • Chris Poe, chief technology officer, Atrion Networking Corporation
  • Jack Marsal, director of solution marketing, ForeScout Technologies

Description:  Modern network, device, user, application and access dynamics challenges GRC assumptions and IT effectiveness. You’ve built-out process and controls to address overlapping compliance requisites. You’ve invested heavily in network and host-based security, systems management, SIEM and other security mechanisms. But new threats and state changes outpace IT capacity. How can you apply next gen Network Access Control (NAC) to gain the visibility and control required to close real-time security and compliance gaps and automate IT response? Join us for a 60-minute expert / practitioner session revealing:

– Common IT-GRC assumptions and exposures
– Modern NAC capabilities, integrations and applications
– Ways to quickly reduce access and endpoint integrity exposures
– Real-world NAC implementation, justification and implication

Making the GRC Grade – How to Realize Continuous Compliance
Description:  All compliance frameworks reference endpoint integrity, host defenses, and access control. You’ve invested in host-based security, systems management, and SIEM in order to reduce malware, data leakage, and other security exposures. But what innovative approaches can you use to not only improve your organization’s GRC grade but also achieve continuous compliance?
This session shares a reference solution for continuous compliance based on smart integrations between McAfee security management and ForeScout’s automated security control platform. This expert / practitioner session will cover:

  • Common endpoint compliance gaps
  • NAC integration with host-based security and policy management systems
  • Extending correlation rules to enable endpoint remediation
  • How to create a closed-loop endpoint security and compliance program
Architecting a Flexible Strategy for Securing Enterprise and Personal Mobile Devices
Description:  Led by guest speaker Phil Hochmuth, security program analyst at IDC, this webinar will examine BYOD trends and risks, the mobile security landscape, policy development and control options. The session will also present a tiered service approach to enterprise mobile security where complementary controls can offer necessary network and device level defenses to enable IT organizations to realize mobility advantages and reduce security and compliance exposures.
Topics Include:

  • Real-world issues, considerations and operational impact
  • Policy development processes to tolerate, support or embrace BYOD
  • Why combine NAC, MDM and other technical controls
  • How to devise tiered security service strategy

According to some analysts, organizations can only account for half of devices on their network. With the influx of personal mobile devices and the drive to enable Bring Your Own Device policies, how can organizations manage the increased risks of data leakage, compliance and data privacy, and advanced persistent threats?

Network access control (NAC) technologies serve to provide real-time visibility and control of all users and systems attempting to access network resources via managed, unmanaged, wired and wireless devices.

Led by Senior Analyst Andy Kellet of Ovum Research, hear this expert and end-user panel expose key issues, considerations, plans and results with regard to modern-day NAC and NAC implementation. Hear Steve Orman, technical director from Sussex Health NHS, and Tony Whelton, director of IT services and development at Wellington College, share their insights regarding the potential roadblocks, hidden politics, new processes and lessons learned from opposite sides of the fence in terms of requirements, deployment and justification perspectives.

This webinar will:

  • Help you understand where, how, why and when NAC can be proactively employed proactively to automate controls, identify endpoint violations, expedite remediation and enable post-connect defenses
  • Examine the common pitfalls of NAC technologies and implementation from the perspective of two active end-users
  • Educate listeners on the NAC process – from technology evaluation to deployment
Endpoint Visibility, Control and Remediation Leveraging NAC (60 Minutes)
Description:  Led by Dr Chenxi Wang, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research, this webinar describes various ways that organizations can manage endpoint compliance more effectively.Topics Include:

  • Endpoint security gaps, issues and trends
  • Tools that can help you manage endpoint compliance more effectively
  • Where NAC sits on the security tool landscape
  • Best practices to automate GRC controls and eliminate endpoint security gaps
  • Real-world experience using ForeScout CounterACT to manage endpoint compliance

Speakers on this webcast include:

  • Chenxi Wang, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research
  • Jack Marsal, Director of Solution Marketing at ForeScout Technologies
  • Christian Ponce, Manager of IT Audit and Compliance at Vistaprint, Inc.
  • Diana Kelly – IANS Faulty Advisory and Founder, SecurityCurve
  • Jeff Bradberry – IT Security Manager, BrightPoint

To maximize efficiency, manage risk and reduce potential violations due to compliance failure, organizations need to implement tools that apply and support multiple specifications across difference compliance requisites.  Network Access Control (NAC) supports numerous critical security and protection functions across multiple mandates. This interactive expert / user session, led by IANS faculty advisor Diana Kelly of Security curve with end user participant Jeff Bradberry of BrightPoint, will examine NAC and real-world compliance use cases.  Attendees will discover:

  • Key NAC functions that apply to compliance processes and specifications
  • Real-world use cases; considerations, controls, activities and processes
  • How NAC specifically maps to top commercial, regulatory and federal mandates


IT GRC Forum Roundtable Webinar Enabling Your Mobile Security Strategy for eGRC(60 Minutes)
Abstract:  The rapid evolution of consumer devices and a growing demand from employees are changing the ways in which organizations deliver mobility solutions to the workforce. There are any number of new mobile devices and emerging technologies to help today’s professionals do their jobs in any location, and these technologies bring a range of new challenges, from security, compliance and risk management, to cost and human capital management. Organizations need to address these challenges by defining policies that regulate the usage of consumer and personal mobility for employees, and they need the appropriate tools to enforce policies, regulate behaviors and manage risks, across multiple device platforms. In addition, they need to choose the appropriate management approach and the products and services that can help to enforce those policies in a cost-effective way.Join this expert panel for insights on:

  • Understanding your mobile device management requirements;
  • Identifying the risks and benefits of introducing support for corporate applications on personal devices;
  • Defining policies that regulate the usage of mobile devices for employees and address BYOD;
  • Tools to effectuate policies, regulate behaviors and manage risks across multiple device platforms;
  • Strategies for containerization and layered security to protect devices, data and networks;
  • Selecting the right options that can help to enforce and monitor policies in a cost-effective way.


NAC-as-a-Service: What, Why and How (60 mins)
Description:  “NAC-as-a-Service:  What, Why and How,” will present real-world reasoning, considerations and opportunity with regards to expanding security managed/hosted services with NAC. Led by Charles Weaver, founder of the MSPAlliance, this expert/practitioner panel will discuss the value, options and impact of adding NAC to your service portfolio. Join guest speaker Chris Rodriguez, security analyst at Frost & Sullivan and panel members from Integralis, Axial Systems, Konsultek and ForeScout as they discuss:

  • What is NAC, why NAC, why now
  • What is the business value for the customer and service provider
  • What are common NAC service, deployment and implementation options
  • What are key SLA development and operational process consideration
  • How to package NAC, price out the service and combine with other security service

Speakers on this webcast include:

  • Charles Weaver, president of the MSPAlliance
  • Chris Rodriguez, security industry analyst at Frost & Sullivan
  • Ade Omo, head of managed services at Axial Systems
  • Kurt Buckardt, co-founderat Konsultek
  • Dale Tesch, director of managed and professional services | Global NAC Practice Leader, Integralis
  • William Chitty, director of professional services at ForeScout
ForeScout & Fiberlink Webcast Embracing BYOD with MDM and NAC
Description:  This webinar will discuss how organizations can gain the visibility and control needed across all mobile devices, users, networks, applications and data.
ForeScout & Integralis Webcast
Bring Your Own Device Essentials:  Fundamentals, Considerations and Technologies
Description:  This interactive session is designed to help IT organizations get a grip on the management options, policies and technologies to enable users and their smartphones and tablets to securely access network resources and sensitive information.


  • ForeScout
  • Richard Stiennon, security expert and industry analyst at IT-Harvest

How boundless network, mobile computing, IT consumerization and virtualization dynamics challenge IT organizations – and – how ForeScout has adapted its solutions to help CIOs, CSOs and IT staff enable productivity and connectivity while cost-effectively maintaining security.

  • Pete Lindstrom, CISSP Research Director at Spire Security
  • Wallace Sann, CISSP, CISA, CIPP/G Director, Systems Engineering at ForeScout/li>

Today’s government agencies are leveraging best-of-breed strategies to achieve strong Network Access Control (NAC) without expensive infrastructure upgrades or heavy administrative burdens. Learn how Federal and Military agencies have implemented NAC including how they overcame challenges with 802.1x.   The seminar conveys actionable advice on:

  • How can government organizations benefit from NAC?
  • What is 802.1x?
  • What important features are missing from 802.1x?
  • What alternatives exist to 802.1x and why?
  • What are the hidden costs associated with rolling out NAC?

Users want access to information on any device, from anywhere, at anytime. Then there’s the dynamics of virtualization and coping with new world threats. Whatever control you thought you had over the IT environment is gone. Lead by distinguished analyst Mike Rothman of Securosis, this webcast exposes issues, examines processes and weighs technical options that you can apply today to advance mobile, wireless and endpoint security. Explore data classification and network segmentation, policy development and enforcement, preempting access violations, and the means to automate respective security controls.

  • Illena Armstrong, Editor in Chief at Secure Computing Magazine
  • Gil Friedrich, Vice President of Technology at ForeScout
    Smartphones, tablets and personal devices are on your corporate network.  Your users want personal connectivity and executives wants added  productivity, but security must be maintained.    What is the prudent path  to satisfy all constituents?    Lead by Illena Armstrong and Gil Freidrich  VP of Technology at ForeScout, this timely webcast will examine:    key  mobile security risks, pertinent policies, control options, acceptable use practicalities and legalities, and means for  effective visibility and security enforcement
  • Eric Ogren, Principal Security Industry Analyst at The Ogren Group
  • Narayan Makaram, CISSP Sr Product Marketing Manager at ArcSight an HP Company
  • Jack Marsal, Director of Marketing at ForeScout

How can you improve security compliance AND save money? Through automation. Watch this webcast to learn about endpoint compliance issues, processes and automation considerations.   This webcast, lead by Eric Ogren, principal security industry analyst at The Ogren Group, examine critical requirements and control techniques, exceptions and available technologies for end point compliance that can reduce help desk, remediation, incident management and audit expenditures.   Attendees will also discover how Network Access Control and Security Information Event Management platforms can provide greater intelligence and a higher degree of security automation to enable:

  • Improved operational efficiency and compliance management of endpoints
  • Stronger security based on visibility of non-compliant endpoints and unauthorized users
  • Real-time, automated remediation of enterprise-wide threats

Hear a real-world story about how a large bank is saving $400,000 annually through this automated GRC approach.


Archived Webcasts on Visibility, Security, Mobility and Compliance Automation

“The Gigamon and ForeScout Solution” Best Practices in Visibility for Network Access Control
“NAC Deployment Planning Guide” Learn why and how your organization should deploy a NAC solution. Replay ForeScout Technologies’ presentation for answers to these questions and more.
“NAC Rescue Stories” Interested in learning how NAC can benefit your organization. Replay ForeScout Technologies’ presentation for answers to these questions and more.
“Visibility and Control of Today’s Networks” Security requirements are evolving. Information is now essential to handle things like guest network access, inventory management, data loss prevention, and security policy enforcement. Replay this webinar from Infonetics Research, ForeScout, and HAWORTH, Inc. to learn about the surprising amount of real-time information that your can obtain from modern Network Access Control products, and how that information can be used to improve the security, efficiency and effectiveness of IT operations.
Gaining Visibility and Control of the Dynamic Network with NAC How do you gain better visibility into who and what has access to your network? How do you ensure connected devices are security-policy compliant? How do you control access and correct the security posture of those that aren’t? Replay this webinar from ForeScout, Strativest and the CSO Breakfast Club for answers to these questions and more.

Getting Through the Compliance Maze with NAC (60 minutes)

To maximize efficiency, manage risk and reduce potential violations due to compliance failure, organizations need to implement tools that apply and support multiple specifications across difference compliance requisites.  Network Access Control (NAC) supports numerous critical security and protection functions across multiple mandates. This interactive expert / user session, led by IANS faculty advisor Diana Kelly of Security curve with end user participant Jeff Bradberry of BrightPoint, will examine NAC and real-world compliance use cases.  Attendees will discover:

  • Key NAC functions that apply to compliance processes and specifications
  • Real-world use cases; considerations, controls, activities and processes
  • How NAC specifically maps to top commercial, regulatory and federal mandates