Ransomware Protection in The Age of IoT and OT Threats

Safeguarding IoT and OT Networks from Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware is an escalating threat to both individuals and organizations. It encompasses various attack vectors, such as exploiting IoT devices for initial access, deploying cryptominers in IT systems, and exploiting weak OT security measures. In response to these challenges, Forescout Research has produced an eBook that offers invaluable insights into ransomware threats and effective mitigation strategies, including guidance on ransomware recovery. This resource underscores the critical importance of maintaining device visibility, regularly backing up data, and adopting proactive security measures. While there are currently no automated ransomware software solutions available, adhering to these recommendations can significantly enhance protection for IoT, IT, and OT networks.

The report delves into:

  • An analysis of emerging threats of high-profile nature
  • Ransomware tips aimed at fostering proactive and vigilant security practices
  • Practical examples showcasing the successful implementation of mitigation strategies in alignment with NIST CSF guidelines

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