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Ransomware Protection: IoT and OT

The State of Ransomware Protection for OT and IoT Threats

Cyber-attacks involving OT and IoT are part of an alarming trend: sophisticated ransomware gangs, often operating an RaaS model, crippling the operations of multiple companies or government agencies at once. What’s driving this evolution? The proliferation of IoT devices, convergence of IT and OT networks, and exploitation of supply chain and insecure-by-design vulnerabilities.

In this eBook, Vedere Labs presents the current state, evolution and mitigation of ransomware threats based on its landmark Project Memoria research, R4IoT proof-of-concept, next-generation ransomware software, and analysis of data from millions of IT, IoT, OT, and IoMT devices in the Forescout Device Cloud, one of the world’s largest repositories of connected asset data.

The report covers:

  • Top ransomware tips, tactics, and procedures in 2021
  • High-profile attacks and emerging threats
  • Effective mitigation strategies aligned with NIST CSF

Ransomware Software EBook