The Dark Side of AI: How Generative AI Empowers Hackers

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming industries, offering breakthroughs in healthcare and climate change solutions. However, its misuse in cyberattacks is a growing concern. Hackers now use AI to supercharge their attacks, increasing their efficiency and sophistication. This webinar will illuminate the dark side of AI in cybersecurity, demonstrating how attackers leverage generative AI to enhance phishing campaigns, amplify cyber-attacks, and simplify the creation of disruptive malware.

Featured Speaker:

Elisa Costante
VP of Research

During this webinar, you’ll gain insight into:
  • The role of AI in cyber threats and its impact on cybersecurity strategies.
  • How attackers use generative AI to create convincing phishing campaigns.
  • The ways AI amplifies the impact and efficiency of cyber-attacks.
  • The lowered skill set required to develop disruptive malware, thanks to AI advancements.
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