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The Enterprise of Things Security Report: The State of IoT Security

The State of IoT Security

In this first edition of The Enterprise of Things Security Report, Forescout Research Labs analyzed data from over 8 million devices deployed across the Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Retail sectors to assess the current state of enterprise IoT cybersecurity. This information comes from one of the world’s largest repositories of connected device data, the Device Cloud.

To date, this is the most comprehensive study of its kind. Some of the key findings include:

  • Smart buildings, medical devices, networking equipment and VoIP phones represent the riskiest IoT device groups.
  • Six of the top 10 riskiest IoT device types fall into the categories of medical devices and networking equipment.
  • Windows workstations represent a major cybersecurity risk to organizations, with over 30% of managed devices in manufacturing and over 35% in healthcare running recently unsupported Windows versions.
  • Commonly exploited network services like Telnet are found in all five industry verticals.

The Enterprise of Things Security Report