You rely on
Forescout for IT
– but what about OT?

Today, Forescout delivers IT asset compliance and classification for you. But what are you doing to ensure sensitive OT devices are kept secure? They require specialized asset management capabilities to identify threats that can alter or halt operations.

Forescout is a world leader in OT security technology. Through our Platform, you are securing your IT networks – why not add OT security or other capabilities?

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OT Security for Manufacturing

We highly recommend you add these critical capabilities:

Ability to detect any change
to your OT and IoT devices

Comprehensive risk assessment
(mitigation and remediation)

Assurance that security policies are applied and devices get segmented or risks mitigated

Support to prevent a cyber-attack (whether IT or OT initiated) from shutting down production

Increases security operations
while reducing workload

The Platform and
Products behind Every
Forescout Solution

Manufacturers can build a customized solution by combining the Forescout platform with product modules that best serve your organization’s digital terrain.

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OT Security Advocate

Forescout is a founding member of the OT Cyber Coalition, advocate organizations that promote innovation and strengthen security.

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OT National Security

Forescout is a member of CISA’s JCDC. We provide industrial control systems expertise to recently expanded JCDC which connects cyber defenders to prevent cyberattacks.

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