Preparing for DORA? Make Compliance Easier

If you thought GDPR was tough, there’s a new regulation coming to the financial sector.

The recent EU-ratified Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) is a robust cybersecurity standard taking effect on Jan. 17, 2025. It is designed to help protect against evolving digital threats to financial systems.

But it doesn’t only apply to banks and investment services … Insurers, crypto-asset providers, data reporting providers and cloud service providers all need to comply.

Why DORA will make an impact:

  • Reporting: Serious incidents must be reported within four hours and no later than 24 hours after they are detected
  • Fines: You can be subject to GDPR-class sanctions with fines that can amount to:
    • 2% of an organization’s total annual worldwide turnover
    • Or 3x the profit a financial entity has made because of the rule violation

This guide is a systematic breakdown of DORA’s legislative provisions and articles mapped directly to the Forescout Platform. With real-time insights into connected assets and networks, Forescout helps organizations achieve a clear understanding of digital environments to comply with DORA’s objectives.

Learn how easy it is to map your cybersecurity initiatives to the DORA requirements.

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