Detecting and Responding to Mixed IT/IoT/OT Threats with XDR

Ransomware Protection in the Age of IoT and OT Threats

The increased attack surface requires new, superior security approaches to detect and respond to threats that leverage a combination of device types as part of an attack. Tools that monitor disparate asset types without correlating events with other logs won’t detect a cross-device attack that is underway – which is exactly what threat actors are counting on.

With its R4IoT proof-of-concept ransomware, Forescout Vedere Labs has demonstrated how attackers could exploit an IoT device to gain access and move laterally in an IT network and impact the OT network.

In this eBook, you’ll see how Forescout XDR, an extended detection and response (XDR) solution, can thwart sophisticated cross-device attacks like the one simulated in R4IoT. Gain insight into the vital role of:

  • Collecting telemetry and logs from a wide range of sources (including security tools, applications, infrastructure, cloud and other enrichment sources)
  • Correlating attack signals to generate high-fidelity threats for analyst investigation
  • Enabling automated response actions across the enterprise

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