Gartner® 2024 Strategic Roadmap for Managing Threat Exposure

Successfully managing threat exposure demands a nuanced strategy customized to address the unique challenges and vulnerabilities faced by each organization. It involves a continuous process of assessing vulnerabilities, implementing proactive measures, and deploying strategic countermeasures.

“If you can’t see threat exposure because a poorly governed program is failing to accurately scope, discover, prioritize and validate issues — and there are limited technology investments to assist this huge task — the business will simply have to accept large amounts of unknown and unquantified risk.” 1

The new Gartner® 2024 Strategic Roadmap for Managing Threat Exposure, offers valuable insights, actionable recommendations, and best practices to systematically address cybersecurity risks. Read the report to discover:

  • A comparative analysis between current and future states of exposure management practices, identifying the growing gaps.
  • Strategies to enhance existing processes, streamlining discovery, prioritization, validation, and risk mobilization.
  • Guidance for CISOs to develop a strategic plan to adopt a modern approach in addressing issues, spanning from conventional vulnerabilities to emerging threat exposures.

1 Gartner 2024 Strategic Roadmap for Managing Threat Exposure, Pete Shoard, 8 November 2023.

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