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Threat Hunting & Incident Response: Forescout Frontline

Tap Our Cyber Experts for​ Threat Hunting & Risk Identification​

Introducing Forescout Frontline​

Forescout Frontline is a complimentary threat hunting, risk identification and incident response service for organizations that lack the internal resources and visibility to defend themselves from or respond to cybersecurity attacks, including ransomware and advanced persistent threats. Forescout Frontline works in close collaboration with Vedere Labs, which is uniquely positioned to discover, analyze and quantify new and existing threats thanks to billions of datapoints collected across millions of assets of all types.

Download the Solution Brief

Achieve a baseline of the threat landscape across your digital terrain at no cost, in less than a week

Overcome staffing resource and visibility challenges by engaging Forescout Frontline's highly trained cybersecurity analysts to:​

  • Discover, validate and prioritize a wide variety of cyber threats and vulnerabilities across your digital terrain – all of your IT, IoT, IoMT and OT environments ​
  • Analyze the context and risk associated with all findings​
  • Leverage the comprehensive insight to develop effective risk mitigation and remediation strategies ​
At the end of the engagement, you’ll have the right information to create an actionable plan for efficiently and effectively addressing each area of risk in the report.​

Threats & Risks We Hunt for:​

  • Log4j​
  • Vulnerabilities, IOCs and CVEs​
  • Blacklisted communications​
  • Unauthorized device communications to the internet​
  • Communications to known malicious IPs​

  • Blacklisted or default credential use​
  • Bots​
  • Worms​
  • Bad cyber hygiene​
  • Misconfigurations​
  • Malformed packets​

How It Works

Forescout Frontline assesses every device on your network, leveraging anonymized insights from millions of devices in the Forescout Cloud to identify risk.


Leverage Forescout Frontline analysts to hunt for threats, identify risks and compile data from multiple sources​


Receive a comprehensive report that details the validated threats discovered, impacted devices and associated risks​


Discuss and prioritize mitigation and remediation alternatives with Forescout Frontline analysts​

To learn the full extent of the Log4j vulnerability in its environment, this State of Florida agency engaged Forescout Frontline. In less than a day and a half, the agency had not only the Log4j information it sought but actionable intelligence concerning embedded IoT vulnerabilities, insecure communications and other risks. Leveraging this free service shrunk time to mitigation and remediation of these security gaps and improved security posture.​

Interested? Contact Forescout Frontline​

Forescout’s mission is to help organizations defend against cyber attacks. Our threat hunting and risk identification service* is currently complimentary to further foster this mission. If you are interested in either of these services or learning more about our analysts, approach and offerings, please contact us by filling out this form.

*This service is not intended to find and report on an exhaustive list of all possible threats, vulnerabilities or risk mitigation suggestions, and the information provided in the report is “as-is” without warranty of any kind, whether expressed, implied, statutory or otherwise.​