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Forescout Extends CounterACT Wireless Integration to Support Meru WLANs

CounterACT Plug-in Certified Interoperable with Meru Networks Wireless LAN Controllers

Cupertino, Calif. – December 17, 2008 – Forescout Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of CounterACT policy creation and enforcement platforms for network insight, access control and compliance, today announced that its CounterACT® Wireless Integration kit has been tested and proven interoperable with Meru Networks. Meru’s Wireless Interoperability & Network Solutions (WINS™) lab verified the interoperability of the Forescout CounterACT NAC platform with Meru’s virtual cell wireless infrastructure. Verification ensures that customers can deploy Forescout solutions on Meru’s WLAN infrastructure without having to do their own extensive testing.

Ideally suited for networks with mobile clients such as guest/contractor and employee laptops, the kit consists of a software plug-in for control of wireless network controllers and access points and helps to ensure Wi-Fi clients connecting to the network are monitored, are in compliance with security policies, up-to-date with necessary patches, and free of malware.

“We are delighted that Forescout’s CounterACT integration solutions are now certified interoperable with a wireless vendor like Meru, who is recognized for its visionary wireless architecture," said Ayelet Steinitz, vice president of business development, Forescout Technologies. “Using CounterACT, IT managers have immediate reach into our product’s rich network insight and access control capabilities without modifying their infrastructure or significantly impacting their end users. The CounterACT wireless integration kit offers a highly effective solution for wireless network access control. It provides information about connecting devices through the wireless access points or wireless controllers. It detects and instantly blocks critical threats from gaining entrance through any wireless access point, and displays comprehensive information about the wireless access point on the host console."

“Meru is committed to providing its customers with access to WINS certified best-of-breed technologies from security partners such as Forescout, thus simplifying and speeding the deployment of secure WLAN infrastructure," said Sarosh Vesuna, vice president of business development at Meru. “Customers will immediately benefit from Forescout’s access control, regulatory compliance, vulnerability assessment and remediation solutions.”"

The CounterACT wireless integration kit is available through local Forescout representatives and supports the entire family of Meru wireless network controllers. The kit enables IT managers to capture a wide range of Wi-Fi client connectivity information, including Host IP and MAC addresses, wireless network SSIDs, wireless access names and locations, and client authentication methods

About Forescout Technologies, Inc.

Forescout is the leading provider of access control and compliance solutions. With top-tier customers from every vertical, Forescout has perfected the art of providing strong access control without disrupting network operations or needlessly punishing end users. Forescout’s flagship product, CounterACT, protects over 500 of the world’s most secure enterprises and military installations with global deployments spanning 37 countries. The CounterACT family of products provides a path to complete security policy enforcement and is fast and easy for administrators to deploy, manage and maintain. For more about the company and its products, visit www.forescout.com.

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