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SEGA looked to SoftBank Technology (SBT) to help manage the growing number of personally owned PCs, smartphones and tablets used within the organization. SBT provides BYOD managed services, which use ForeScout CounterACT™ to monitor both wired and wireless networks to detect and assess devices and prevent devices, such as PCs and smartphones that are unmanaged or do not adhere to SEGA’s security policy, from connecting to its network.

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Unidad Editoral logo image
Unidad Editorial

Unidad Editorial’s specific NAC requirements included: agentless, out-of-band, automatic identification of devices, built-in policies and reports. Plus, they wanted a solution that provided greater authentication and flexibility yet would not disrupt user productivity. ForeScout CounterACT™ delivered on all these aspects, and more.

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Sussex Health Informatics Service logo image
Sussex Health Informatics Service

ForeScout CounterACT™ provides Sussex HIS with real-time visibility of all IP devices on its network and the ability for deeper inspection into suspect users and potentially unwanted applications on connected devices. The platform is centrally managed across its distributed sites and has adapted to a mixed operating environment. Any device on the network is identified and assessed against policy, providing the IT services team instant intelligence and an automated means to address, mediate or block any insecure IP device or person highlighted as a risk to NHS data, infrastructure or hardware.

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Meritrust Credit Union logo image
Meritrust Credit Union

Meritrust Credit Union Puts ForeScout CounterACT To Work For Real-Time Visibility, Control And Protection From Rogue Network Devices.
The most important reason Meritrust chose ForeScout CounterACT was its flexible and agentless approach to policy control. Explaining this advantage, Brian Meyer, information security officer at Meritrust Credit Union stated, “In a banking environment, there are a lot of thin clients such as teller machines and embedded devices. With these systems any extra overhead, such as installing an agent, could adversely impact performance and slow our ability to service customers. Additionally, we wanted to avoid the management nightmare of installing and maintaining an agent on each device.” Other factors in the choice of CounterACT included its support for cross-vendor switch integration, ease of installation and its “listen only” mode, a passive testing feature that made the deployment process as simple and unobtrusive as un-checking a box when all the policies were correctly configured and validated.

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New York Law School logo image
New York Law School Case Study:

New York Law School Chooses ForeScout CounterACT for Improved Endpoint Visibility and Wireless Connectivity.
This case study discusses the challenges New York Law School faced in protecting and controlling its network access defenses in a way that was less intrusive, that preserved the user experience, and reduced administrative cost. They turned to ForeScout CounterACT for its multi-factored, roles-based device authentication and seamless integration with existing wired and wireless infrastructure. Additionally, CounterACT was easy to administer and deploy, in large part because its lightweight agent was trouble-free for students. There were numerous benefits, including that the IT organization gained full visibility and control of all devices on the network.

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Hadassah Medical Center logo image
Hadassah Medical Center

Barak Shrefler, CISO, Hadassah Medical Center.
“CounterACT gives me peace of mind that my network is as secure as possible. It enables me to easily institute any BYOD policy, gives the flexibility needed to accommodate employees’ BYOD devices (on which we install agents) and to monitor the public’s mobile devices with an agentless approach.”

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Gartner logo image
Gartner Case Study:

Securing BYOD With Network Access Control Summary (when applicable) This Gartner Case Study highlights how an organization utilized NAC and mobile device management solutions to establish policies for enabling a bring-your-own-device environment with an acceptable level of risk.

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Kalpesh Khetani, Infrastructure Manager

The CounterACT NAC managed service provided by Axial gives us assurance that we are more than just achieving the PCI requirement, we are exceeding it. On-boarding and roll-out of the service was complex due to infrastructure diversity and the sheer number of dispersed locations, but it was well managed and relatively simple. Axial also took away the pain of resourcing for NAC deployment, maintenance and administration, and their expertise ensured our success.”

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“Thanks to ForeScout CounterACT, we have been able to clean up our entire network and implement secure access for employee notebooks and guest devices. Everything has been very smooth right from day one.”
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Waqas Akkawi, Director of Information Security
“From the onset, we knew exactly what we needed and were not willing to settle for anything less. CounterACT and CounterACT Edge have not just met our expectation, they have exceeded them.”

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Christian Ponce, Manager of IT Audit and Compliance
“CounterACT is quickly becoming a verb at Vistaprint. For example, people will say: ‘You need to know xyz about xyz system? CounterACT it!’”

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Cache County School District

Alan Gibbons, Technology Director, Cache County School District
“We’re really pleased with how easily everything fell into place. We brought in expertise from system integrator Konsultek, and it made all the difference in the world. The training helped us get everything installed and set up advanced functions within a single week.”

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Austrian Post AG

Michael Zatl, Network Manager at Post AG
“ForeScout CounterACT saves our IT team costs and increases efficiency – and we save the time that would otherwise have been spent monitoring the network and more manually responding to security issues with connected devices – and that’s a real benefit.”

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Granarolo Group

Roberto Poli, CTO at Granarolo Group
“Granarolo, Italy’s largest dairy provider and a leader in the country’s manufacturing sector, has selected ForeScout’s automates security control platform… CounterACT protects complex IT network and saves 50% in man hours, €20,000 annual costs… quietly and effectively doing its job, plus it is extremely easy to manage.”

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International Rectifier

James Tu, Director of Information Security, International Rectifier
“Our initial goal was to prevent unauthorized computers from connecting to the network. Shortly after implementing ForeScout CounterACT, we discovered it provides full visibility and compliance status of all devices on the network. That is something I didn’t have before.”

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Charles River

Keith Alan Rodwell, principal infrastructure and security architect at Charles River

“At a time when IT tool chests are filled with one-time, limited use products, it is refreshing to have a product like CounterACT, which supports our security, desktop management, help desk, active directory and enterprise applications groups.”

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Emarat logo image
Emarat, the UAE’s Leading National Petroleum Brand

View the Emarat, the UAE’s Leading National Petroleum Brand, Selects CounterACT Case Study Objective: Emarat needed a network access control (NAC) solution to control which users and devices could connect to its network, and to ensure that those granted entry were only able to reach the corporate resources appropriate for their access level. The approach […]

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Ronald D’sa, IT manager for OSN
“Last year we were spending a lot of man hours identifying non-compliant devices and guest devices – it was a challenging task. ForeScout’s NAC product requires far less resources to manage, in fact now one person can manage all devices across the entire region. Best of all, we were able to successfully roll out the solution quickly and found it extremely extensible.”

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Ben Sewell, Head of Information Security and Technology, WhiteConcierge

“ForeScout CounterACT provides extensive network and endpoint security defenses, allowing WhiteConcierge to easily achieve continued PCI-DSS Level 1 compliance.”

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Marquette University

Justin Webb, Security Analyst, Marquette University

“CounterACT provides a mechanism to identify and monitor every device without having to staff up and offers a host of automated functions to keep our operations secure with little to no IT overhead.”

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Mediengruppe Pressedruck

Andreas Neutatz, Network Manager of Mediengruppe Pressedruck
“CounterACT Edge was the only solution that could meet our stringent security requirements without causing the massive installation and administrative burden of traditional IPS products. The appliance was installed quickly and since then has been running smoothly. ”

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Wellington College
Prestigious, 150 year old London College

Tony Whelton, Director of IT Services and Development

“ForeScout does fantastic job of automating our guest and pupil network by eliminating endpoint security issues throughout the campus… we simply added computing resources for the virtual appliance and found the installation was very straight forward… giving us more flexibility to allocate capacity as we need it.”

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Miami Children’s Hospital
South Florida’s most extensive pediatric hospital networks…

Alex Naveira, Information Technology Security Officer

“Patient healthcare information must only be accessed by people authorized for it… CounterAct appliance, which is being used to control access to resources in the network and to prevent malware, integrates well… looking at the policy-based behavior and the compliance of each machine.”

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Patelco Credit Union
Among the largest credit unions in the United States

John Shields, Vice President and CTO
“CounterACT manages up to 400,000 devices… simple–one box, one day to install and agentless operation. It met all our needs, and we had to make no changes to our network. That’s why we chose ForeScout–imple, cost effective, easy to use.”

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“ForeScout CounterACT helps us manage and secure our large, distributed network in a way that other products couldn’t… provided all our required functionality without relying on endpoint agents and without impacting our network.”

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Haworth, Inc.
Leading global manufacturer of office furniture and organic workspaces…

Chad Clement, Information Security Manager

“Despite that we are a Cisco and Microsoft shop, we went with ForeScou–better interface and visibility… no permanent software on endpoints… plus IDS features and the ability to assess compliance with corporate endpoint configuration standards… integrates with the BMC Remedy service-management and Qualys.”

Omnicom Media Group
Leading global advertising and marketing communications services company

Kenneth Corriveau, Chief Information Officer

“ForeScout simplifies policy creation and is easy to deploy… their network security solutions offer us the automated and integrated controls necessary for us to enforce access policies, including mobile security, which has become very important.”

City of Guelph
Ranked among the top ten places to live in Canada

Shibu Pillai, Network Security Specialist

“One thing that stood out is that ForeScout blended easily with our infrastructure, which is mainly Microsoft, Cisco and HP. Other NAC vendors required changessuch as new switches, in-line devices and agents on desktops. We were able to implement the ForeScout NAC without making changes to our infrastructure.”

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London South Bank University
One of London’s largest and oldest universities

Phillip Wright, Network Team Leader

“With CounterACT, we can keep an eye on whose antivirus is out of date; we have policies for potential malicious hosts… kill P2P applications… earned its keep during the Conficker outbreak… reduced the network team from six people to three-and-a-half network engineers–a portion of this reduction can be attributed to the automation of security processes possible through CounterACT.”

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Altarum Institute
Nonprofit health systems research and consulting

Al Wendt, Network Manager

“While it’s not against policy for employees to bring in personal laptops, it does pose a threat, and the same goes for contractors. CounterACT eliminates those threats… with CounterACT protecting us, we won’t have any more two-day shutdowns due to an outbreak. The product is pretty much paying for itself.”

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The Doctors Company
Nation’s largest insurer of physician and surgeon medical liability

Johnny Lane, Network Security Engineer

“CounterACT is ideally featured to help us manage the unmanaged… we were able to control access to our production LAN… distinguishing laptops from desktops and apply different security policies to each–without needlessly disrupting users or forcing agent-based authentication onto every endpoint.”

Kutztown University

Bill Eben, Coordinator of Residential Computing, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

“CounterACT provides superior visibility into the network and performs continual monitoring which allowed us to move from a pre-connect to a post-connect compliance model giving us flexibility to enforce policies which results in a better user experience.”

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The leading provider of LED scoreboards, programmable display systems, and large screen video displays

Philip Egeberg, IT Security Manager

“We have a geographically dispersed infrastructure and ForeScout delivered centralized, real-time visibility and control with regards to anything touching our network. ForeScout enables us to enforce an acceptable use policy including mobile devices, manage peer-to-peer (P2P) applications, and stop propagating worms and advanced persistent threats.”

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Lehigh Valley Hospital and Health Network
Large regional network of hospitals and heath care centers

Brian Martin, Info Security Manager

“CounterACT was one of our smoothest – it took under a week and is now protecting over 20,000 endpoints. I was bowled over by the detection capabilities of CounterACT that you get two-in-one intrusion prevention and NAC solution in CounterACT just makes it that much better.”

Glyndŵr University

- Rob Stockton, Head of IT Services, Glyndŵr University
“Now we have CounterACT, we would not want to be without it, as it provides a level of network protection we never thought possible.”

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The UK’s largest recycling and resource management company

Mike Carr, IT Security Manager

“CounterACT’s easy-to-implement, easy-to-use policy compliance engine helps us write and push policies tailored in real-time to address issues arising in our dynamic network… comprehensive audit reports that allow direct measurement against our many, and often granular, security policies”

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Albany County
The oldest settlement in the nation and the capital of the State of New York

Perry Blanchard, Network Security Engineer

“We went through a year-long evaluation process before settling on ForeScout… it gave us far more capability at less expense than Cisco. We maintain a highly dynamic network… (With CounterACT), I can see it all, can classify it and take action on it… found unauthorized access to their network by smart phones, a rogue wireless access point and an undocumented switch. Now I have peace of mind.”

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One of Japan’s largest trading companies with over 700 subsidiaries

John Budek, Infstructure Manager

“ForeScout installed in a day and immediately began to deliver value. All I expected CounterACT to do was add a visitor network capability. Was I surprised! ForeScout gave me a lot more than I asked for–all in one simple integrated package.”

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Stroud College
A distinguished university in the United Kingdom

Tim Hanks, IT Service Manager

“We evaluated Cisco, Bradford and open-source–ForeScout proved to be the best choice… incredibly powerful and very intuitive to use… we can identify and protect the network against computers and smartphones no matter who owned them–students, staff, contractors or guests.”

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The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital
One of the largest pediatric hospitals and research institutes in the United States

Scott Kowal, Senior Network Engineer

“CounterACT is seamless to users–they don’t even know their devices are being interrogated because it’s non-disruptive… gives us everything we need… and it does much more… recently recognized a spyware attack and immediately stopped it in its tracks… provides our helpdesk with a great deal of instant information we couldn’t get before.”

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Culpeper County

Todd Frazier, System Administrator

“You can’t secure what you can’t see–with CounterACT, we see everything coming onto our network and can block, allow or enforce and remediate in real-time… helps us comply with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).”

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Golden West College
Southern California educator for trades, licensed trades and skilled professionals.

Anthony Maciel, Director of Technology Support Services

“ForeScout’s product installed in less than a day, and instantly started working for us. We have had zero downtime due to service breaches! And I’ve got a great solution for PCI compliance.”

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Government and Healthcare solutions provider

Tom Kennedy, Vice President

“We knew the FAA wanted an access control and intrusion prevention solution that would work ‘out of the box’ and deliver exceptional functionality at a very competitive cost. We are pleased that CounterACT fit all the requirements.”

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Customer Insights: Pat Schoknecht of Rollins College


CIO of Rollins College, Pat Schoknecht, discusses the value and ROI gained with ForeScout CounterACT.
(~ 3 min.)

Customer Insights: Nicholas Duda of Vistaprint


Nicholas Duda, principal security engineer at Vistaprint, discusses the deployment of ForeScout CounterACT for endpoint compliance. (~ 4 min.)

Partner Insights: Judith Buckardt of Konsultek


President and CEO at Konsultek, Judith Buckardt, discusses the success they have had as a ForeScout Partner since 2006.
(~ 2 min.)

IT-Harvest Interviews Gord Boyce, CEO, ForeScout


IT-Harvest Video Interview Series 2013. Richard Stiennon, Chief Research Analyst, interviews Gord Boyce, CEO ForeScout, on the benefits of Network Access Control. (7 min.)

Gord Boyce, ForeScout CEO at RSA Conference 2013 Video


Gord Boyce, ForeScout CEO, reviews the network security industry while at the RSA Conference 2013 at Moscone, San Francisco.(<7 min.).

InfoSecurity Magazine Interview with ForeScout


Drew Amorosi, deputy editor of InfoSecurity, interviews Scott Gordon, Chief Marketing Officer at ForeScout, at InfoSecurity Europe 2013 about BYOD and NAC.
(7 min.).

Video interview with Meritrust’s Information Security Officer, Brian Meyer


Watch our feature film to see how ForeScout CounterACT works to enhance security and protects Meritrust Credit Union’s 15 locations.
(<7 min.).

BYOD:  Your Pad or Mine


Watch our feature film to see how ForeScout solves “bring your own device” challenges. (<2 min.).

CounterACT in Action

Watch our feature film to get a quick look at CounterACT in action. (<3 min.).

Product Overview

Flash Product Tour
Get an overview of the CounterACT platform – navigate or watch all four topics: Network Access Control, Mobile Security, Endpoint Compliance and Threat Prevention.

Product Demonstrations

Tactical Map
ForeScout CounterACT includes a geographical map that allows you to easily manage the security of a large, global enterprise.

802.1X Management
ForeScout CounterACT includes tools to help IT security managers deploy and manage 802.1X.

Network Visibility

Watch how ForeScout CounterACT lets IT managers see everything on the network—apps, users, devices, vulnerabilities.

Guest Networking

Explore CounterACT’s extensive guest management functions.

Data Security

See how CounterACT lets you enforce data security policies.

Mobile Security

Discover how CounterACT can identify and apply enforcement policies to corporate and personal smartphones, tablets and netbooks.

Endpoint Remediation

Learn how CounterACT reduced risks and saves IT time and energy through automated remediation.

Endpoint Compliance

See how CounterACT accelerates compliance and audit processes.

Port Security

ForeScout CounterACT provides port-based network access control–with or without 802.1X.

ForeScout-ArcSight Integration

Watch how ForeScout CounterACT integrates with the ArcSight SEIM platform to provide better security risk awareness and more automated security threat response.

ForeScout-McAfee Integration

Watch how ForeScout CounterACT integrates with the McAfee ePO to provide visibility and control over both managed and unmanaged devices.

Product Screenshots

Click image to enlarge.

Compliance Corporate Host

ForeScout CounterACT gives you real-time visibility to who is on your network, including the location and security posture of guest computers.

Compliance Detail

ForeScout CounterACT identifies security gaps on your network, such as security agents that are not working or not up-to-date.

ForeScout-ArcSight Integration

ForeScout and ArcSight products interoperate. When used together, you get automated threat management from a centralized ArcSight ESM console.

802.1x Configuration Management

ForeScout CounterACT makes it easy to roll out 802.1x to by automatically remediating endpoints that have missing or broken 802.1x agents.


ForeScout CounterACT dashboard shows you compliance trends over time.

ForeScout Compliance Center

ForeScout Compliance Center shows endusers whether their computers are compliant with your security policies.

Guest Registration

ForeScout CounterACT allows guests to register for access to your network.

Kill peer-to-peer user experience

ForeScout CounterACT lets you kill unauthorized software, keeping endpoint systems in compliance with your security policies.

Kill peer-to-peer selections

ForeScout CounterACT makes it easy to kill unauthorized software, such as peer-to-peer.

Mobile devices

ForeScout CounterACT identifies handheld devices on your network – iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Nokia Symbian.

Unapproved Network WiFi device

ForeScout CounterACT identifies rogue WiFi devices.

Unauthorized processes

ForeScout CounterACT shows you which PCs are running unauthorized processes.

Virtual Client-unauthorized changes

ForeScout CounterACT can identify unauthorized changes to PC configurations or software.

Windows PC inventory with missing updates

ForeScout CounterACT shows you in realtime which PCs on your network contain vulnerabilities.

White Papers

Quocirca Next Generation NAC Case Studies Support IT-GRC Controls

To keep users, their devices and the networks that provide them with access to systems, data and applications compliant and secure, many are turning to next-generation network access control systems (NG-NAC). This report looks at the applied use of NG-NAC to support IT-GRC controls, through the lens of three real world case studies in financial services, healthcare and creative media services.

ESG Report: The Endpoint Visibility, Access, and Security (EVAS) Market: The Evolution of Network Access Control (NAC)

“As NAC has transformed into EVAS, the need for next generation, market leading NAC solutions such as ForeScout CounterACT has become stronger than ever. Given the advantage of continuous monitoring and mitigation, smart CIOs and CISOs are seeking EVAS capabilities to optimize IT resources and to gain more efficient and effective response to security exposures.” Jon Oltsik, Senior Principal Analyst, ESG.

In this new analyst report ESG projects that as NAC transforms into EVAS it will become even more of a mainstream IT technology driven by:

  • Increases in network device population driven by end-user mobility and BYOD
  • Transition to continuous monitoring and mitigation
  • Need for further security operations automation
  • Drive toward “contextual security”


SANS Analyst Program – The Critical Security Controls
What’s NAC Got To Do With IT?

Enterprises are leveraging virtualization, wireless, mobile and cloud technologies. These technologies advance service delivery, but can increase operational and security risks. Why? Access to corporate resources and data, as well as these types of devices and applications, has become more diverse and dynamic. In turn, the perimeter continues to become more porous and blurred, which affects IT security policy enforcement and risk management. Given the operating dynamics and diversity, most enterprises are aware of only 80 percent of the devices on their networks, according to a 2011 Gartner report.1 As a result, many endpoints are unmanaged, unprotected or unknown.

Even with host-based protection and system management being the cornerstone to maintaining endpoint integrity, many approaches to IT security often rely on endpoint software that can be inactive, uninstalled, corrupted or nonexistent—leaving IT with significant visibility and compliance gaps.

Addressing NIST and DOD Requirements for Mobile Device Management

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are exceptionally vulnerable to security breaches. They’re frequently loaded with unknown applications, communicate over untrusted networks, are often purchased without regard to IT standards and security features, and are easily lost.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) products and platforms can help to mitigate these mobile security risks. But managing mobile devices is a multi-faceted and complex subject, involving policy management, secure communications, secure storage, device authentication, remediation and auditing.

ForeScout CounterACT: The Smart Approach to Command Cyber Readiness Inspections (CCRI)

To ensure an apt and consistent level of security, government IT organizations must demonstrate and maintain compliance with a large and growing number of regulations, directives and standards. To verify that Department of Defense (DoD) agencies and related sites comply with the standards, the Defense Information Security Agency (DISA) has begun conducting Command Cyber Readiness Inspections (CCRI).

This white paper describes how ForeScout CounterACT can facilitate the implementation and enforcement of repeatable and sustainable processes in DoD environments, thus enabling organizations to satisfy the CCRI audit requirements.

IDC Report:  Architecting a Flexible Bring Your Own Device Strategy

Written by security industry analyst Phil Hochmuth of IDC, reviews BYOD trends and risks, the mobile security landscape, policy development and control options.  The report presents a tiered service approach to enterprise mobile security while exploring how NAC and MDM as complementary controls can offer necessary network and device level defenses to enable IT organizations to realize mobility advantages and reduce security and compliance exposures.   The report also examines ForeScout’s mobile security offering and presents relevant use cases.

IANS Report: How NAC maps to leading compliance mandates

In this IANS report, analyst Diana Kelley conveys a harmonized approach to meet compliance mandates and how network access control, specifically ForeScout, maps to popular IT-GRC frameworks concerning system integrity, wireless protection, privacy, network access and segregation, logging and other specifications.

Ogren Group Security Report:  Network Access Control

Ogren Group Security Report: Network Access Control This new security report by the Ogren Group, focuses on how Network Access Control (NAC), driven by diverse endpoint types, wired, wireless and remote access, and demands for continuous endpoint compliance, is experiencing a strong resurgence in enterprise and government markets.

The modern generation of NAC practitioners have evolved beyond roles based user/device authentication and guest management to include pre- and post-connect assessment features providing the real-time ability to characterize, report, and correct endpoint configurations without adversely affecting operations. This enlightened approach towards operational risk management of endpoints, particularly mobile devices and tablets in Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), and Choose Your Own Device (CYOD), environments, is fueling NAC market growth.

In this report, the Ogren Group presents the features, life cycle, and market strategy of Network Access Control. The report concludes with recommendations for existing and potential NAC vendors and the enterprise buyers they covet.
Logo attached.

SANS Analyst Report: “Your Pad or Mine?” Enabling Secure Personal and Mobile Device Use On Your Network

– Accelerating Guest Networking, BYOD and Endpoint Security

Written by SANS analyst Mark Kadrich, SANS security evangelist and author of Endpoint SecurityAccording to Gartner, with the introduction of BYOD and associated threat vectors, Network Access Control (NAC) has emerged as the important solution for mitigating the risks of consumerization. NAC can be used to provide secure guest networking services and management to these devices. This paper examines policies, technical considerations and approaches for using NAC to support guest networking and BYOD, as well as the need to secure today’s users and their new devices requesting access to the corporate network.

  • Architectural review
  • Top 10 recommendation list
  • Case study illustration
  • Policy development


Network Security in the Age of *Any* Computing

Risks and Options to Control Mobile, Wireless and Endpoint Devices

Written by distinguished security industry analyst Mike Rothman of Securosis

Users want access to information on any device, from anywhere, at anytime. Whatever control you thought you had over the IT environment is gone. Users are bringing in their own personal mobile devices. Then there’s the dynamics of virtualization and coping with new world threats. This provocative paper exposes issues, processes and technical options with regards to real-world mobile, wireless and endpoint security. The comprehensive paper examines:

  • Data classification and network segmentation
  • Endpoint and network integration
  • Policy development and enforcement
  • Different available security controls
  • Getting the win; defining success, planning implementation and assessing progress


Achieving NAC Results

-Essential Implementation, Process and Control Considerations

Written by distinguished security industry analyst Scott Crawford of Enterprise Management Associates

Businesses want more fluid access to data while IT organizations must maintain security. The variety of access and multitude of threats to network resources and sensitive information have given need for more flexible and automated ways to effectuate security policies, controls and enforcement – namely NAC. This in-depth, 10 page research covers the essentials to achieve NAC results:

  • Use cases, scoping requirements and operational processes
  • Implementation considerations; 802.1x, agents vs. agentless, network preparation
  • Control considerations; options, enforcement, remediation and implementation
  • Example architectures and 2 case studies


Blocking Network-based Attacks with ForeScout’s CounterACT

-Automating Network Access, Endpoint Compliance and Threat Management Controls

SANS What Works: Q&A with Waqas Akkawi, director of information security at SIRVA, Inc.

This informative paper details how CounterACT addressed SIRVA’s continuous need to provide the highest level of data security by advancing intrusion prevention, network access control and endpoint compliance. As a world-wide leader of relocation and moving solutions, ensuring data security and enabling controls with minimal administration and tuning was key. This in-depth case study reviews the technical and process considerations, selection and deployment effort, and lessons learned – from the customer perspective. Learn how CounterACT:

  • Detects and prevents sophisticated and targeted attacks
  • Supports privacy laws and operational security compliance
  • Enforces configuration policy and secures guest networking
  • Maintains a high-level of network security via automation to optimize time and costs


Network Access Control, 802.1X and BYOD

-Advantages, Constraints and Capabilities

Written by distinguished security industry analyst Pete Lindstrom of Spire Security

The industry has been blurring the differences between 802.1x and NAC. Some believe that 802.1X is sufficient and similar enough to a full NAC solution to start down the path of implementation. What organizations often find is that the 802.1X story seems fairly simple and easy, but the implementation, especially considering IT consumerization, is much more challenging. This paper examines NAC, 802.1X and BYOD in-depth, with examples and use cases to examine:

  • Advantages and constraints of 802.1X and NAC?
  • Important implementation considerations for 802.1X, NAC and BYOD?
  • Where NAC fits in a BYOD/Mobile Security strategy?
  • Top use cases, best practices and exposures with NAC?
  • How commercial and government enterprises benefit from NAC?


Continuous Endpoint Compliance

Integrating Process, Policy and Technology to Preempt Threats and Reduce Costs

Written by distinguished security industry analyst Eric Ogren of The Ogren Group

The best security teams cannot control when new advanced persistent threats, APTs, are unleashed and they discover that anti-malware and intrusion prevention products designed to protect the business against zero day and blended threats are often defeated. However, security teams can control the compliance of endpoints with security policies to keep the business from becoming a target of opportunity for attackers. This paper examines pertinent issues and available options to advance endpoint compliance, exploring:

  • Key process and technology requirements
  • Key visibility and control requirements
  • Network-based endpoint compliance
  • Case study illustrations: Banking and Government Defenses


Choosing a NAC Solution that is Right for Your Network

Written by ForeScout Technologies.

This paper covers the top issues with regards to considerations and technical tradeoffs when compiling requirements for Network Access Control solutions. Key topics include:

  • NAC basics and real-world challenges
  • Endpoint detection and interrogation
  • Policy creation
  • Enforcement
  • Deployment


Planning a Successful NAC Deployment

Written by ForeScout Technologies.

This paper provides guidance to ensure Network Access Control deployment. Key topics include:

  • Setting objectives
  • Leveraging cross-functional project teams
  • Classifying user types and devices
  • Apply access controls
  • Maintaining compliance enterprise-wide
  • Managing policy changes
  • Implementing a phased rollout strategy


CISO Guide: Advanced Threat Protection

Written by Bill Sieglein – President, CISO Executive Network and Scott Gordon (CISSP) – Chief Marketing Officer, ForeScout Technologies

Understanding and defending against zero-day threats, propagating worms, low-and-slow attacks and more targeted advanced persistent threats (APTs).

  • Examine the nature of sophisticated threats and the state of defenses
  • Know the current threat landscape and how they are used by attackers to threaten operations, penetrate networks and obtain sensitive data
  • Assess various security technologies and their relative strengths and limitation
  • Examine what can be done to minimize risks and improve an organization’s security posture
  • Gain overview of ForeScout ActiveResponse™ technology

Reviews & Awards

Frost and Sullivan Logo Image
The comprehensive Frost & Sullivan NAC market analysis highlights drivers, technology trends, competitive landscape and required product competence. The analysts determined that the latest generation of NAC products is able to solve top IT challenges and deliver tangible business value to customers. A leading reason for renewed NAC platform adoption is the shift in the value proposition away from that of restrictive, device authentication-based technology to one that enables network access and helps organizations streamline or automate a broad range of IT operations.
NPG Best 2013 Gold Winner Award
Network Products Guide, industry’s leading technology research and advisory guide, named ForeScout a Gold winner of the 8th Annual 2013 Hot Companies and Best Products Awards in the Business Expansion of the Year category. These industry and peer recognitions from Network Products Guide are the world’s premier information technology awards honoring achievements and recognitions in every facet of the IT industry.
Gartner | Lawrence Orans, John Pescatore
“According to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Network Access Control, leaders are successful in selling large NAC implementations (10,000 nodes and greater) to multiple large enterprises. Leaders are pure-play NAC vendors or networking and/or security companies that have been first to market with enhanced capabilities as the market matures.Leaders have the resources to maintain their commitment to NAC, have strongchannel strength and have financial resources. They have also demonstrated a strong understanding of the future direction of NAC, including the impact of BYOD and guest networking. Leaders should not equate to a default choice for every buyer, and clients should not assume that they must buy only from vendors in the Leaders quadrant.”
Frost & Sullivan
Frost&Sullivan | Chris Rodriguez
“According to Frost&Sullivan: Innovative NAC solutions enable customers to automate numerous security and operational processes that provide tangible cost savings, as well as enhanced defenses and support for numerous compliance mandates. ForeScout has consistently demonstrated the ability to identify customer needs and develop functionality to meet their requirements – often ahead of the market. From a non-intrusive, interoperable and scalable product architecture to a complete, integrated feature set, ForeScout CounterACT provides end-to-end NAC functionality with an overall lower total cost of ownership and a faster time-to-value when compared to leading alternatives. We expect that this innovation will continue to provideForeScout competitive advantages and customer value.”
The Forrester Wave | John Kindervag
“ForeScout has been confirmed as a leader in Network Access Control (NAC) solutions in the June 2011 report “The Forrester Wave™: Network Access Control, Q2 2011.” The report ranks ForeScout as the industry’s top performer in both strength of current product offering and strategy… as the successful pure play in the market, we have a distinct advantage to offer the industry’s most innovative NAC solution that affords our customer’s greater flexibility, assured results and ongoing value.”
Tolly Group
“Commissioned by ForeScout and conducted by The Tolly Group, one of the world’s leading independent product testing labs, the competitive analysis covers 34 criteria points across key functional categories: deployment, interoperability, guest management, endpoint compliance, enforcement, remediation and scalability.”
Network Computing
“Effective mobile device management is critical because of an explosion in the number of mobile devices, network connections and the data they carry. …Because these devices connect to networks with or without permission, a new comprehensive approach is required…Mobile devices must be managed consistently and automatically. NAC offers additional safeguards by initiating an MDM-managed device profile check on access and then managing access to network resources, something not generally available from MDM only deployments. ForeScout Mobile and ForeScout MDM fulfil a variety of common security tasks plus some specialist ones like erasing content on lost devices…These tools are easy to use, manage and deploy, and they will improve mobile device management and security using visibility and effective control.”
“ForeScout helps government agencies at the federal, state and municipal level meet the numerous access control and continuous endpoint compliance requirements with an agentless, easy to deploy and scalable solution. To be recognized as a security leader among the government community is truly an honor. As the federal government embarks on its continuous mitigation and diagnostics efforts, we welcome agencies’ commitments to ForeScout for help in meeting advance port control requisites, real-time asset management, and endpoint compliance objectives, ” said Niels Jensen, vice president of federal sales at ForeScout.“
Secure Computing Magazine | Peter Stephenson
“The integrated 802.1x and agentless approach delivers complete access and guest management, mobile security and endpoint compliance and remediation capabilities in a centrally managed, highly scalable, high-performance physical or virtual appliance architecture…  easy-to-follow dashboard and policy options… excellent set of policies… the system took everything we could throw at it and the system took it all on.. the system was so simple to manage that the on-screen instructions made it easy to get the product running… a great value for an excellent product.”
Hakin9 Magazine | Sembiante Massimiliano
“We have spent many hours in our test Lab going through the extensive range of checks and verifications on ForeScout.  In our opinion the integration of CounterACT NAC, its Mobile add-on modules and FS MDM, had demonstrated to be a valid and effective end-to-end security solution.”
SC Magazine Awards WINNER – “Best NAC” Readers Trust Award“ForeScout won the Best NAC product after proving the success and overall impact of ForeScout CounterACT to the Reader Trust Voting Panel. Functionality, manageability, ease-of-use and scalability of the product or service, as well as the customer service, are considered during the judging process.”
ForeScout Technologies Honored as a Red Herring Top 100 North American Tech Startup Red Herring ranked ForeScout Technologies, Inc. among the “Top 100 North American Tech Startups” as determined by evaluating startup companies on both quantitative and qualitative criteria, such as financial performance, technology innovation,management quality, strategy, and market penetration. The Red Herring distinction was due in part to ForeScout’s pioneering and best-in-class approach to automate network access and endpoint compliance, which is employed at more than 1,300 enterprises, government and military installations. The recent drive to bring an array of mobile device management (MDM) products to market wellpositioned the company to take advantage of the “consumerization of IT” trend.
ForeScout CounterACT Receives Editor’s Choice
CTR | Mark Brownstein
“With CounterACT 7.0, ForeScout has taken a solid access and endpoint security platform to greater heights – especially for IT managers who need to see and manage BYOD devices on their network.”  Note that CounterACT 6.4 received CTR’s Editor’s Choice award.
ForeScout CounterACT 6.3.4 Receives 5-star Rating
ITPRO | Dave Mithchell
“Compared with many NAC products, we found CounterACT easy to deploy and, apart from setting up switch span ports, requires no major changes to the existing network infrastructure. Its policy-based security makes it very versatile allowing administrators to provide controlled, secure network access to managed, unmanaged and guest systems as they attempt to join the network.
CounterACT Network Access Control: Appliance Of The Future
CRN / Everything Channel | Eddie Corriea
“For its power, simplicity and revenue potential, the CRN Test Center recommends ForeScout’s CounterACT 6.3.4 network access control system… If you’re recommending only perimeter solutions and not offering your customers a network access control product for inside the firewall, you might be leaving them vulnerable to attacks from within, where networks are most vulnerable… In doing so, it offers the reseller a wealth of opportunities to offer services while also freeing up IT resources for other activities.”
CounterACT Wins 2012 Best NAC Product and 2011 Bench Tested Product of the Year – Network Computing

In 2012, ForeScout CounterACT appliance was awarded the Network Access Control Solution of the Year, having received more online votes than any other nominee in the category.  The result pays tribute to the company’s continued growth, innovation and success.  CounterACT offers incredible real-time visibility and control that delivers value not just for security and compliance automation, but for BYOD as well.  In 2011, was award bench tested product of the year as was judged on the product’s capability and application. CounterACT surpassed 12 other vendors in this prestigious category that gauges technical merit and suitability for purpose.
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Information Security Magazine: NAC/IDP Product Test Wayne Rash puts CounterACT’s custom policies and anti-worm protection to the test on a network with managed and unmanaged switches; Windows, Linux and Novell servers; a complete VoIP system and voice gateway; an Internet gateway and rogue wireless APs. Learn more
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Independent Testing Services: CounterACT Test As the time between exploit and worm release continues to decrease, the capability to mitigate “zero day” or unknown worms becomes critical to network administrators. Independent Testing Services (ITS) put CounterACT to the test. Learn more

Webcasts & Podcasts

ForeScout - logo image
The Challenges and Benefits of Continuous Monitoring and BYOD

Thursday, September 12, 2013 at 1:00 PM Eastern US/10:00 AM Pacific
Description: They say knowledge is power. Possessing the ability to have increased visibility into your network traffic, devices, systems, apps and users can only increase your security, resilience and knowledge of what’s happening in your infrastructure. Join (ISC)2 along with sponsors Gigamon and ForeScout on September 12, 2013 at 1:00pm Eastern for our next roundtable webinar where we’ll examine key requirements and technologies for IT to gain enterprise visibility, control and automation. We’ll also discuss common network visibility, access and endpoint compliance gaps; BYOD, policy and security automation; and approaches to leveraging infrastructure and security investments that effectuate IT-GRC security controls.

ForeScout MaaS360 Fiberlink Webinar - logo image
Live Webinar: Embracing Complete BYOD Security with MDM and NAC

In the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) era, the ability to manage and secure employee-owned devices that connect to corporate data is essential. The combination of mobile device management (MDM) and network access control (NAC) provides one of the most flexible approaches to securely support BYOD.

Join Clint Adams, Director of Mobile Technology Solutions at Fiberlink and Keith Glynn, Senior Technical Solution Engineer at ForeScout to learn how to easily solve the BYOD puzzle with Fiberlink and ForeScout:

  • BYOD implementation and control considerations
  • Network Access Control 101
  • How MDM and NAC provide total BYOD control
  • BYOD use cases with NAC and MDM


ForeScout and SC Magazine - logo image
How Healthcare IT Is Securing Innovative Patient Care

Description: Healthcare IT must satisfy a myriad of compliance mandates, enable employee and non-employee caregiver use of latest personal mobile and medical devices, and protect network operations and sensitive information – all while optimizing resources and costs? How are innovative security professionals supporting patient care priorities while mitigating access, privacy and endpoint compliance threats? Join Larry Whiteside Jr., former CISO of Spectrum Health and ForeScout as this expert/practitioner panel examines unique IT challenges and trends, visibility and control gaps, and innovative security technologies to deliver efficient services and reduce risks.

Featured Speakers:

  • Larry Whiteside Jr., Former CISO, Spectrum Health
  • Jack Marsal, Director of Solution Marketing, ForeScout Technologies
  • Michael W. Pinch, CISA, CISM, CGEIT, PMP Chief Information Security Officer University of Rochester Medical CenterMike Pinch is the Chief Information Security Officer for the University of Rochester Medical Center, supporting healthcare, research, and medical education. Mike has worked on both the payer and provider side, previously as the Chief Technology Officer for Palladian Health. He is a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), Information Security Manager(CISM), Governance in Enterprise IT (CGEIT), and Project Management Professional (PMP). Pinch teaches at the Rochester Institute of Technology and is an experienced mobile entrepreneur. He has a Computer Science degree from Union College, and Masters degrees in Business Administration and Computer Security / Information Assurance. With URMC, Pinch has been largely focused on building an Information Security program, focusing on mobile security, network access control, and governance, risk, and compliance.Office: 585.784.6115
    Mobile (preferred): 585.305.5449


SC Congress eSymposiuym - logo image
Making Actionable Intelligence Actionable — The Intersection of SIEM and NAC

Description: Almost every SIEM vendor has used the term “actionable intelligence” to describe how SIEM platforms can identify threats, exposures, fraud and violations ­ with the result being alerts and reports. How does SIEM and NAC take actionable intelligence to the next level. What if the SIEM correlation engine could take advantage of the real-time network asset intelligence and endpoint remediation / mitigation controls of NAC. How can SIEM and NAC create a closed-loop system for continuous compliance and mitigation. Join this expert/practitioner panel as they examine key policies, capability, politics and technologies behind the real-world integration between SIEM and NAC.


Scott Gordon (CISSP-ISSMP), CMO at ForeScout

Scott Gordon is a seasoned enterprise systems and information security industry executive having worked with top innovators over the past 20 years. Scott is the CMO at ForeScout Technologies. He has advocated and contributed to the advancement of leading-edge solutions across NAC, service and security information management, network and endpoint security, and risk management. Prior to ForeScout, Scott held leadership positions at AccelOps, Protego (Cisco), Axent (Symantec), McAfee and CA.

Ofer Shezaf, Security Solutions Product Manager at HP ArcSight

Ofer Shezaf, internationally recognized application security expert, manages security solutions at HP ArcSight. Prior to that, he managed web security research at HP Fortify and at Breach Security following years spent in the Israeli defense community pioneering national cyber security. Ofer was the founder of the OWASP Israeli chapter and led the OWASP ModSecurity core rule set project and WASC Web Application Firewall Evaluation criteria project.

Doug Balensiefen, Director MSS Business Development, Integralis

Doug Balensiefen is responsible for the managed security solutions at Integralis, an NNT Communications Group Company. The infosec risk practice covers global incident response, breach readiness, remediation and proactive network defense for global Fortune 1000 clients. Doug possesses more than 20 years of experience in managed security services. Prior to Integralis, he held several roles in engineering, operations, professional services and business development at BT, AT&T and Sprint.

Federal News & WTOP Radio - logo images
The Reality of Continuous Monitoring…Is Your Agency Secure?

Click to watch recording

Continuous Diagnostics & Mitigation Realities

Description: Is your agency coping with identifying and protecting against the constant barrage of sophisticated cyber threats, while at the same time, trying to improve your FISMA scores?

From reduced resources (budget, manpower and unified vision), to lack of an automated risk mitigation capabilities, these factors continue to impact civilian agency FISMA scores. WTOP brings together a panel of network security experts to explore the challenges civilian agencies face in dealing with critical cyber security concerns, and discuss how to coordinate defenses, leverage advanced tools and take advantage of CDM programs to help agencies tackle these issues.

The White House has emphasized the need for continuous monitoring since 2010, and as part of the FY13 Homeland Security Appropriations Bill, DHS is to assist other federal agencies in enhancing their cybersecurity efforts. The CDM initiative gives participating agencies the means to implement continuous monitoring as a service (CMaaS), which is a bundled solution comprised of systems, sensors, risk- status displays and professional consulting services.

Tune in as the expert panel discusses:

  • How CDM address the challenge of continuous vigilance against modern cyberthreats, not only by keeping the nation’s infrastructure as resistant as possible to exploits, but also instantly detecting configuration drifts and vulnerabilities that may increase exposure to attack.
  • How BYOD security challenges may hamper agencies from achieving the CDM goals, and what steps they can take to ensure all devices are detected and protected.
  • How automated network security and endpoint compliance tools can help agencies achieve results needed to improve their FISMA controls.

Moderator: Jason Miller – Editorial Director Federal News Radio


  • Joseph Beal – Chief Information Security Officer (CISO); Director of Security Services, CCSi
  • Venu Ayala – President, Zen Strategics LLC
  • Ken Kartsen – Vice President, Federal, McAfee
  • Wallace Sann – Federal CTO, ForeScout Technologies


Government Security News - logo image
Government Security News Presents:

Click to watch recording

Achieving Continuous Diagnostics and Monitoring:
The Why, What and How to Achieve CyberSecurity Readiness

Description:  Legacy systems, broad access, diverse devices, network dynamics, and resource constraints all impact the means to improve your FISMA score, NIST security guidelines, and close security gaps. How can you optimize processes and effectuate controls, which can eliminate intrusions, protect sensitive information and reduce attack exposure. Join this analyst and expert panel as they present a pragmatic approach to Continuous Diagnostics & Monitoring (CDM), and explore:

  • NIST Guidelines and FISMA Scoring Challenges
  • The 4 key tenants of CDM
  • How CDM supports other compliance mandates
  • Impactful process changes and control integration to realize CDM
  • A policy-based CDM reference platform

Presenters Include:


InfoSecurity Magazine - logo image
Network Access Control: What, Why, How, When and Where?

Click to watch recording

Duration: 1 hour

You may have heard of Network Access Control but what else do you need to know?

Description:  With all the talk around APTs, mobility and the cloud, you may have assumed that NAC was old news. But NAC is making a comeback. This webinar will take stock of the latest developments around NAC and see how it can address your organisation’s most pressing network, security and compliance challenges.

Join us to learn about:

  • Current drivers for NAC deployment
  • Common and uncommon use cases
  • Its inner workings and policy-based functionality
  • Good, bad and ugly implementation practices
  • Real-world justification, deployment and operational techniques

Presenters Include:

Click here to Register

ForeScout Technologies, Inc. logo image
Top 10 BYOD Tips Webinar

Featuring:  Jack Marsal, Director of Solution Marketing, ForeScout
Description:  Watch this webinar to learn ten best practices for planning and implementing a BYOD program.
Topics covered:

  • Top benefits and pitfalls of BYOD programs
  • How to plan your BYOD strategy
  • Tips to ensure program success
  • Choosing a security strategy for your network, devices and data
  • Selecting security products
  • Integrating NAC with MDM
  • Case study – how a large U.S. bank rolled out a BYOD program very successfully


Culpeper County  - logo image
Todd Frazier, Culpeper County – Federal  (< 1 min)

Featuring:  Todd Frazier, System Admin, Culpeper County

Description: “You can’t secure what you can’t see—with CounterACT, we see everything coming onto our network and can block, allow or enforce and remediate in real-time… helps us comply with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).”

SANS Logo image
Analyst Webcast: NAC Applied to SANS Top 20 Critical Security Controls

Featuring:  G. Mark Hardy, Brian Meyer and Scott Gordon
Description:  Network Access Control (NAC) at first glance appears to be solely concerned with roles-based, device authenticated access to network resources. Given the diversity and proliferation of smart consumer devices in the workplace and the trend for enterprises to take advantage of wireless, cloud and mobile applications, next generation NAC has evolved beyond its namesake to become an integral component to effectuate visibility, asset intelligence and integrity, and network security controls.This webcast will explore how today’s NAC can align with many of the 20 Critical Security Controls, particularly in regards to monitoring, configuration, mobility and access. IT governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) assumptions, control challenges and NAC use cases are also slated for discussion, followed by an opportunity to present your questions to the experts. Register now for this webcast, and be among the first to receive a new SANS Analyst Whitepaper on the subject.

Presenters Include:

  • G. Mark Hardy, G. Mark Hardy serves as President of National Security Corporation.
  • Brian Meyer, Information Security Officer, Meritrust Credit Union
  • Scott Gordon, (CISSP), Chief Marketing Officer, ForeScout


SC Magazine
“Why NAC? Why Now?” (60 mins)

The webcast hosted by SC Magazine will take a deep dive into NAC and the considerations and opportunity with regards to deploying NAC within the large enterprise. Panelists with in-the-trenches experience from Hadassah Medical Center, Queens College, Atrion Networking and ForeScout Technologies will present proven process and technology considerations that InfoSec professionals can put to immediate use. Topics covered will include:

  • How NAC has evolved over the years
  • Real-world issues, considerations and operational impact
  • The importance of combining NAC, MDM and other technical controls under one set of policies
  • Why companies deploy NAC when they have zero interest in blocking devices from the network

Speakers on this include:

  • Barak Shrefler, IT manager and CISO, Hadassah Medical Center
  • Morris Altman, director of network services, Queens College
  • Chris Poe, chief technology officer, Atrion Networking Corporation
  • Jack Marsal, director of solution marketing, ForeScout Technologies


IT Security Pro Logo image
Resolving IT-GRC Control Challenges in Today’s Frenetic Enterprise

Description: Modern network, device, user, application and access dynamics challenges GRC assumptions and IT effectiveness. You’ve built-out process and controls to address overlapping compliance requisites. You’ve invested heavily in network and host-based security, systems management, SIEM and other security mechanisms. But new threats and state changes outpace IT capacity. How can you apply next gen Network Access Control (NAC) to gain the visibility and control required to close real-time security and compliance gaps and automate IT response? Join us for a 60-minute expert / practitioner session revealing:

  • Common IT-GRC assumptions and exposures
  • Modern NAC capabilities, integrations and applications
  • Ways to quickly reduce access and endpoint integrity exposures
  • Real-world NAC implementation, justification and implication

Speakers on this include:

  • Ritesh Patel, Operations Control Manager, BP International
  • David King, Assoc. Director Shared Services Technology EMEA, Omnicom Media Group
  • Scott Gordon (CISSP), Chief Marketing Officer, ForeScout


ForeScout McAfee Logo images
Making the GRC Grade – How to Realize Continuous Compliance

Description: All compliance frameworks reference endpoint integrity, host defenses, and access control. You’ve invested in host-based security, systems management, and SIEM in order to reduce malware, data leakage, and other security exposures. But what innovative approaches can you use to not only improve your organization’s GRC grade but also achieve continuous compliance?
This session shares a reference solution for continuous compliance based on smart integrations between McAfee security management and ForeScout’s automated security control platform. This expert / practitioner session will cover:

  • Common endpoint compliance gaps
  • NAC integration with host-based security and policy management systems
  • Extending correlation rules to enable endpoint remediation
  • How to create a closed-loop endpoint security and compliance program


SANS Logo image
Architecting a Flexible Strategy for Securing Enterprise and Personal Mobile Devices

Description: Led by guest speaker Phil Hochmuth, security program analyst at IDC, this webinar will examine BYOD trends and risks, the mobile security landscape, policy development and control options. The session will also present a tiered service approach to enterprise mobile security where complementary controls can offer necessary network and device level defenses to enable IT organizations to realize mobility advantages and reduce security and compliance exposures.
Topics Include:

  • Real-world issues, considerations and operational impact
  • Policy development processes to tolerate, support or embrace BYOD
  • Why combine NAC, MDM and other technical controls
  • How to devise tiered security service strategy

Speakers on this webcast include:

  • Phil Hochmuth, security program analyst at IDC
  • Scott Gordon, Chief Marketing Officer at ForeScout Technologies


You Don’t Know NAC: Applications, Innovations and User Insights from Evaluation to Deployment (60 minutes)

Description: According to some analysts, organizations can only account for half of devices on their network. With the influx of personal mobile devices and the drive to enable Bring Your Own Device policies, how can organizations manage the increased risks of data leakage, compliance and data privacy, and advanced persistent threats?

Network access control (NAC) technologies serve to provide real-time visibility and control of all users and systems attempting to access network resources via managed, unmanaged, wired and wireless devices.

Led by Senior Analyst Andy Kellet of Ovum Research, hear this expert and end-user panel expose key issues, considerations, plans and results with regard to modern-day NAC and NAC implementation. Hear Steve Orman, technical director from Sussex Health NHS, and Tony Whelton, director of IT services and development at Wellington College, share their insights regarding the potential roadblocks, hidden politics, new processes and lessons learned from opposite sides of the fence in terms of requirements, deployment and justification perspectives.
This webinar will:

  • Help you understand where, how, why and when NAC can be proactively employed proactively to automate controls, identify endpoint violations, expedite remediation and enable post-connect defenses
  • Examine the common pitfalls of NAC technologies and implementation from the perspective of two active end-users
  • Educate listeners on the NAC process – from technology evaluation to deployment


SANS Logo image
Endpoint Visibility, Control and Remediation Leveraging NAC (60 Minutes)

Description: Led by Dr Chenxi Wang, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research, this webinar describes various ways that organizations can manage endpoint compliance more effectively.Topics Include:

  • Endpoint security gaps, issues and trends
  • Tools that can help you manage endpoint compliance more effectively
  • Where NAC sits on the security tool landscape
  • Best practices to automate GRC controls and eliminate endpoint security gaps
  • Real-world experience using ForeScout CounterACT to manage endpoint compliance

Speakers on this webcast include:

  • Chenxi Wang, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research
  • Jack Marsal, Director of Solution Marketing at ForeScout Technologies
  • Christian Ponce, Manager of IT Audit and Compliance at Vistaprint, Inc.


“Your Pad or Mine?” – Enabling Personal and Mobile Device Use On the Network

Mark Kadrich, author of the popular book “Endpoint Security”

Justin Webb, security analyst at Marquette University

Shibu Pillai, network security specialist at the City of Guelph

Scott Gordon, CISSP Chief Marketing Officer at ForeScout

Network Access Control (NAC) solutions accelerate requisite guest networking, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) services and endpoint security. How do you design, measure and enforce the necessary policies, procedures and counter-measures? Join this interactive webcast to learn the real-world NAC technical and business considerations in order to manage personal and mobile device security, accessibility and risk.

Enabling Productivity, Connectivity and Security (11 minutes)Gord Boyce, CEO at ForeScout

Richard Stiennon, security expert and industry analyst at IT-Harvest

Gord Boyce, CEO of ForeScout

How boundless network, mobile computing, IT consumerization and virtualization dynamics challenge IT organizations – and – how ForeScout has adapted its solutions to help CIOs, CSOs and IT staff enable productivity and connectivity while cost-effectively maintaining security.

Advancing Network Access Control and 802.1x (60 minutes)

Pete Lindstrom, CISSP Research Director at Spire Security

Wallace Sann, CISSP, CISA, CIPP/G Director, Systems Engineering at ForeScout

Today’s government agencies are leveraging best-of-breed strategies to achieve strong Network Access Control (NAC) without expensive infrastructure upgrades or heavy administrative burdens. Learn how Federal and Military agencies have implemented NAC including how they overcame challenges with 802.1x. The seminar conveys actionable advice on:

  • How can government organizations benefit from NAC?
  • What is 802.1x?
  • What important features are missing from 802.1x?
  • What alternatives exist to 802.1x and why?
  • What are the hidden costs associated with rolling out NAC?


ForeScout BYOD on ITsecurityPRO (15 minutes) Steve Gold, Scott Gordon

Steve Gold, Editor in Chief at ITsecurityPro

Scott Gordon, Chief Marketing Officer, worldwide marketing at ForeScout

Steve Gold of ITsecurityPRO interviews ForeScout’s Scott Gordon on ForeScout NAC, Mobile Security and BYOD… How do you see the mobile IT security arena evolving in the months ahead?… What are the key advantages of ForeScout Mobile?… Who is going to be a typical customer for ForeScout Mobile?…

What Works to Prevent Network and Host-based Attacks(60 Minutes)

The SANS WhatWorks initiative employs SANS research to illuminate user stories that brings to life the benefits (and problems) of effective security tools by answering all the questions a prospective buyer might ask a satisfied (but unbiased) user. Hosted by the SANS Institute, speakers Alan Paller, director of research for the SANS Institute, and Waqas Akkawi, director of global information security at SIRVA Inc., discuss:

  • Drivers for seeking more advanced network access control, endpoint compliance, and intrusion prevention technologies.
  • Real-world selection processes, test criteria and technology tradeoffs.
  • Means to gain operational buy-in, minimize implementation risks and extend control coverage.
  • Subsequent changes to policies, procedures and the infrastructure.
  • Results achieved and lessons learned.
Automating GRC and Endpoint Compliance with SIEM and NAC (60 minutes)

Eric Ogren, Principal Security Industry Analyst at The Ogren Group

Narayan Makaram, CISSP Sr Product Marketing Manager at ArcSight an HP Company

Jack Marsal, Director of Marketing at ForeScout

How can you improve security compliance AND save money? Through automation. Watch this webcast to learn about endpoint compliance issues, processes and automation considerations. This webcast, lead by Eric Ogren, principal security industry analyst at The Ogren Group, examine critical requirements and control techniques, exceptions and available technologies for end point compliance that can reduce help desk, remediation, incident management and audit expenditures. Attendees will also discover how Network Access Control and Security Information Event Management platforms can provide greater intelligence and a higher degree of security automation to enable:

  • Improved operational efficiency and compliance management of endpoints
  • Stronger security based on visibility of non-compliant endpoints and unauthorized users
  • Real-time, automated remediation of enterprise-wide threats

Hear a real-world story about how a large bank is saving $400,000 annually through this automated GRC approach.


Mobile Security and Network Access Control Essentials (30 minutes)

Illena Armstrong, Editor in Chief at Secure Computing Magazine

Gil Friedrich, Vice President of Technology at ForeScout

Smartphones, tablets and personal devices are on your corporate network. Your users want personal connectivity and executives wants added productivity, but security must be maintained. What is the prudent path to satisfy all constituents? Lead by Illena Armstrong and Gil Freidrich VP of Technology at ForeScout, this timely webcast will examine: key mobile security risks, pertinent policies, control options, acceptable use practicalities and legalities, and means for effective visibility and security enforcement

BYOD Phenomenon and ForeScout Mobile

Brightalk Mediazone interviews Hanan Levin on the BYOD trend, issues and ForeScout Mobile (5 min).

TechForumLIVE: IT Consumerism, NAC and Security Control Automation (11 Minutes)

PriscillaTate, the director of Technology Managers Forum, interviews Gord Boyce, CEO of ForeScout Technologies about the security challenges of IT Consumerism, theNetwork Access Control (NAC) marketplace, where security control automation is heading, and ForeScout.

Mobile Security and Advanced Persistent Threats (16 minutes)

Francis Rose, “host of in-depth with Francis Rose”

Scott Gordon, CISSP Chief Marketing Officer at ForeScout

Hear ForeScout’s Scott Gordon on FederalNewsRadio 1500 AM describe how CounterACT’s automated security helps government and military agencies.
Your Pad or Mine?” – Enabling Personal and Mobile Device Use On the Network