Wellington College

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“Having deployed ForeScout CounterACT, I believe we have the best available NAC solution to protect our network, and the new virtual appliance allows us to scale up quickly for guest access, such as open days for prospective parents.”

- Tony Whelton, director of IT services and development at Wellington College

  • Wellington College was rapidly growing and needed to upgrade the security of the campus network to protect against an ever-increasing amount of malware, worms and zero-day threats from student and guest use of personal and mobile devices.
  • Wellington College needed a solution that would work with their existing network infrastructure, and that would be easy to set up and maintain.
  • CounterACT Virtual Appliance allowed the fast growing college to scale quickly to address the security risks of personal and mobile devices accessing the network.
  • CounterACT’s real-time visibility allowed for quick detection and remediation of vulnerabilities on the network, and caused little-to-no disruption to those accessing it.
  • CounterACT allowed to easily create security policies, including customizable policies based on who is accessing the network and what they can or cannot access.

“ForeScout CounterACT provided us with the real-time visibility we were looking for. It allowed us to see where the threats were, and it put a wall garden around them. CounterACT also
enables us to quickly and easily create security policies with different policies in place depending on pupil age, subjects, etc.”

  • Scalable Student and Guest Networking

ForeScout’s automated network controls and guest networking capabilities with built-in policy templates allows administrators to quickly implement and enforce security controls. “With the virtual appliance, we can address the growing demand for network resource access and handle spikes due to an increased number of guests during school events.”

  • Threat prevention

ForeScout CounterACT’s patented, built-in threat prevention mechanism, ActiveResponse™, prevents the spread of new and propagating malware on the network, as well as, detects rogue network devices. Whelton commented, “Since deploying ForeScout CounterACT, I can sleep easy knowing that our network is protected against viruses, worms and other zero-day threats.”

  • Time and cost savings

“The automatic remediation capability of ForeScout CounterACT, coupled with the fact that we can install and configure it ourselves, has saved approximately 10 days work in the past year, which equates to a saving of around £25,000.”

  • Improved network performance

“Before CounterACT, we suffered latency issues due to rogue traffic on the network, and had users complaining about delayed access to the network. When we were using our former NAC product, the pupil experience was affected as their devices were locked for 3-4 minutes during the slow posture-checking process. With ForeScout CounterACT, the checks are incredibly fast and in real time, so pupils have no interruption to the service we provide.”