Patelco Credit Union

“ForeScout was simple – one box, one day to install.”

— John Shields, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Patelco Credit Union

  • Patelco, Inc. is among the largest credit unions in the United States, with over $3.7 billion in assets and 290,000 members.
  • The company has a large Cisco-switched environment that serves about 1500 endpoints.
  • They wanted to add a layer of protection to their network to ward off malware attacks, insider fraud and a myriad of other network threats.
  • For regulatory audits and reporting purposes, they wanted to get a solution in place quickly and cost-effectively to help collect information and prepare for the audit reports.
  • Patelco evaluated several vendors, some of them requiring 5 or 6 appliances, agent installation on every endpoint, and days or weeks to deploy.   Most did not offer a combined intrusion prevention and NAC solution. Few had a wide range of compliance reporting options available to help streamline the audit process. ForeScout was the exception.
  • According to John Shields, Vice President and CTO at Patelco:

“ForeScout was simple – one box, one day to install … and agentless operation.   It met all our needs, and we had to make no changes to our network.   That’s why we chose ForeScout – simple, cost effective, easy to use.”

  • Threat Prevention.

“Like any financial institution, Patelco has its share of network threats to deal with. ForeScout is well-equipped to handle threats originating from within the firewall, as well as at the perimeter. So if anyone from “inside” tries to probe for customers’ private financial information, we catch them. And if the attacks come from outside, we can spot and block them long before they can connect.”

  • Regulatory Compliance Audits.

“We have a number of regulatory compliance audits we must prepare for each quarter, and ForeScout helps. We run network policy checks through ForeScout to collect our audit data. From there, ForeScout offers a number of built-in reporting options that help speed and streamline the audit reporting process.”

  • Data Protection.

“With ForeScout in place, customer records are more fully protected against theft and fraud. ForeScout offers role-based network access, which makes data repositories inaccessible to all but authorized users and devices with matching access profiles.”