London South Bank University

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“Since installing ForeScout CounterACT, threats that once plagued our network have been easily contained without incurring any network downtime.”

— Phillip Wright, Network Team Leader, London South Bank University

  • London South Bank University (LSBU) is one of the UK’s oldest universities and has around 23,500 students and 2,500 staff.
  • The campus was hit by a worm that brought the network to its knees and had the whole IT team working around-the-clock for days on end to fix the problem. To prevent this from happening again, the IT team wanted to implement network access control (NAC).
  • The LSBU IT team was also eager to tighten wireless security in response to the increased use of smartphones and other mobile devices.
  • Before looking at ForeScout, LSBU tried to deploy a NAC product from a major-brand security company that “flat-out didn’t work”.  So LSBU’s Network Team Leader, Phillip Wright, began looking for an alternative NAC product that would work in their complex IT environment. LSBU’s systems integrator, Data Integration, recommended ForeScout CounterACT.
  • According to LSBU’s Director of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Wojtek Adamek:

“Compared to a commercial environment, a University network is far more complex and difficult to control. .We have multiple classes of users – students, staff, and visitors – all needing different levels of network access.  Controlling all of these devices, in real-time, is extremely complex.  ForeScout easily met the challenge.”

  • Threat Prevention.

    “Since installing ForeScout CounterACT, threats have been easily contained. For example, during the Conficker outbreak earlier this year, CounterACT helped our IT team quickly pinpoint and suspicious devices. The problem was resolved within just two days, without incurring any network downtime.”

  • IT Cost Reduction.

    “ForeScout CounterACT has allowed us to automate our security processes and eliminate IT manhours. For example, by alerting a user when their antivirus is out-of-date, CounterACT prevents us from having to send an engineer out to fix the problem; this saves us man hours and therefore labor costs.”

  • Policy Enforcement.

    “ForeScout CounterACT helps us identify devices that need patching and antivirus updates. It also allows our desktop support team to kill P2P applications running anywhere on the network.”

  • Visibility.

    “Campus environments like ours are full of computers that we don’t own. ForeScout CounterACT gives us full visibility into the security posture of even these devices, which helps us protect our network.”