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“CounterACT gave us a visitor network that has been automatic, seamless, and easy to implement. And many other security benefits have also been realized.”

— John Budek, Infrastructure Manager, ITOCHU North America

  • ITOCHU is among the largest companies in the world. The company has over 1000 subsidiaries and associate companies worldwide and employs over 45,000 people.
  • ITOCHU’s growth-through-acquisition strategy has resulted in a federation of businesses, each with their own security policies and practices.
  • ITOCHU North America wanted to implement a layer of internal security to ensure that a security breakdown in one business could not affect systems owned by the other businesses.
  • To support guests visiting their nine North American offices, ITOCHU North America added
    ForeScout CounterACT appliances to its Brocade network. The ForeScout appliances identify visitors when they plug into the network and allow them to access the Internet without risking the security of the North American network.
  • According to John Budek, Infrastructure Manager for ITOCHU’s North American offices:

“The ForeScout product installed in a day and immediately began to deliver value. All I expected ForeScout to do was add a visitor network capability. Was I surprised! ForeScout CounterACT gave me a lot more than I asked for – all in one simple integrated package.”

“Working with my IT staff of three, we rolled out ForeScout CounterACT appliances to our nine North American offices … and every installation had a very low impact on the network. All appliances sit out-of-band, which means no latency or points of failure. It’s 100% clientless which means no software to install. It’s non-intrusive to users. It works with Windows, Linux and Mac. It integrated seamlessly with our Brocade switch environment, so no need to replace hardware or reconfigure anything. And it was completely compatible with all our third-party products.”


“ForeScout CounterACT enhances our productivity by automating visitor network access without compromising network security. This guest access automation improves security and reliability while decreasing IT management time costs.”

  • Policy compliance enhances security.

“Within minutes of installing ForeScout CounterACT, we found a slew of machines that were running peer-to-peer applications. ForeScout helped me identify and block those machines. We then sent alerts to remind users about our corporate policy and required them to remove the applications.”

  • Network diagnostic supertool.

“When users began complaining about a slow network, I used ForeScout CounterACT as a ‘super sleuth’ to help find some twenty machines that were flooding our AD server with CPU requests. Using ForeScout CounterACT, I blocked and disabled the twenty machines – almost instantly. We removed a preinstalled RPC service on each machine that was causing the traffic, and had our network back up to full bore in minutes. In the past, diagnosing similar consumption issues could have taken me hours – even days, resulting in a huge loss in productivity.”