City of Guelph

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“We were able to implement the ForeScout NAC without making changes to our infrastructure.”

— Shibu Pillai, Network Security Specialist, City of Guelph

  • The City of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, is a vibrant community of 118,000 people. Ranked among the top ten places to live in Canada, the City has about 2,000 employees spanning 35 sites
  • Enhance compliance effectiveness and reporting efficiency, personal mobile device access and overall visibility into the network and attached devices.
  • For its emergency and health services, it must protect sensitive personal information in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Enable employees to use personal mobile devices and further automate access policies for contractors and guests, while at the same time controlling their access and isolating them from the corporate network.
  • Visibility into all of the devices attached to the network and examine their security profile in detail against established policies
  • In the first step, a cross-organizational team with both IT and business unit members extensively evaluated and benchmarked the top NAC candidates in detail. Next, they brought in additional expertise from security integrator Conexsys to expedite further assessment and implementation. They selected ForeScout CounterACT due to its ease of use and deployment, integrated functionality and built-in templates. Other key considerations were its flexible implementation and policy enforcement.
  • “We get real-time visibility and can drill down to a specific endpoint and see the entire status of the device, even the Windows update status. Not only do we know everything that’s connected, we can properly classify each device and put them in different containers based on their profile.”
  • “With limited resources we wanted to ensure a timely implementation of our network security solution. Conexsys proved to be a competent IT solution provider and really enabled us to progress rapidly against our agenda with assured results.”

“One thing that stood out is that ForeScout blended easily with our infrastructure, which is mainly Microsoft, Cisco and HP. Other NAC vendors required changes such as new switches, in-line devices and agents on desktops. We were able to implement the ForeScout NAC without making changes to our infrastructure,”

  • Compliance Reporting

“In the past we had to run internal assessments to create reports required for PCI-DSS compliance. With ForeScout, one interface will deliver us the status of all Windows updates/patches and our anti-virus, which saves us a significant amount of time doing audit and compliance reporting.”

  • Personal Mobile Device Access

“Our Human Resources Department is very pleased with what we’ve done for our employees with guest networking. The City is now encouraging staff to bring in their personal devices and use them at leisure times in the courtyard or the employee lunchroom. This is a big benefit for our employees because they can sit in one of our lounges or on our patio on their breaks and access the Internet as a guest, without compromising our security at all.”

  • Guest Networking

“Prior to implementing this solution, the network access for guests such as contractors was a manual process and not foolproof. It did not guarantee that the devices were safe and after use we had to remember to disable the port. Guests that were unaware of our network access policy would try to connect and then realize IT needed to intervene. This caused delays and put the IT staff in a reactive mode, as meetings and presentations could not proceed without network connectivity. Now when a device is connected, it is automatically checked and connected to the appropriate network without IT intervention. Being able to do this through a single interface saves us a tremendous amount of administrative effort every week.”