Cost Savings


The Challenge

If cybercrime disappeared tomorrow, our lives would be simpler and we could save a lot of money. But let’s face it: the constant treadmill of security costs time and money. Have you ever calculated the cost of security? Ask yourself these questions:

  • How much of your helpdesk budget is spent remediating infected systems?
  • How much time do you spend patching systems?
  • How much time do you spend provisioning network access for guests and contractors?
  • How many hours do you spend each year collecting data for compliance audits?
  • How much would a data loss event cost your company?

Over the years your organization has probably purchased several best-of-breed security products and management systems in response to rising cyber threats and the growing need to mobilize your workforce. For example, you might have deployed an MDM system to help keep your mobile devices secure, an advanced threat detection system to stop targeted attacks, and a SIEM system to help you make sense of the data.

The problem is that all these new systems are probably functioning as information silos. This robs them of effectiveness, and it causes you to spend more time managing them, consolidating piecemeal reports and manually coordinating information between systems.

ForeScout’s Solution

ForeScout’s product line lets you automate many security and operations processes, which saves you time and money. Here are some examples:

  • Lower IT Support Costs.
    By identifying and reducing the number of unmanageable endpoints on your network, ForeScout CounterACT reduces the number of “house calls” your help desk needs to make to fix broken endpoint devices. By identifying and reducing the number of non-operative or out-of-date endpoint security agents (antivirus, anti-spyware, etc.), you can reduce the amount of time you spend chasing viruses.How much can you save? One large enterprise has reported saving approximately $1,000,000 per year. Microsoft reported a 70% reduction in security-related help desk calls.
  • Get full ROI of existing security tools
    You’ve already made substantial investments in endpoint security systems — anti-virus, anti-spyware, personal firewalls, patch management, maybe encryption and data loss prevention (DLP). Are these systems deployed and operational? Unaware of their blind spots, these agent-based systems typically over-report their own level of deployment, often by 10% to 15%. Without full deployment, you’re not getting what you paid for. ForeScout CounterACT lets you ensure full deployment and thus full ROI from these systems.How significant is the result? Microsoft reported that fewer than 50% of their end-user systems were compliant with the company’s security policies before they implemented a network technology similar to CounterACT. After deployment, Microsoft achieved over 90% compliance.
  • Lower Network Provisioning Costs
    With ForeScout CounterACT, you can automatically provision secure network access for guests and contractors, without compromising your internal network security. Automated procedures require no manual intervention by your IT staff. If you currently purchase dedicated lines for guest Internet access, you can decommission these and save more money.
  • Lower Auditing Costs
    Inventory and compliance audits that used to take days or weeks can be automated and produced in hours with real-time accuracy by ForeScout CounterACT.
  • Avoid costs due to data loss
    Avoid expensive lawsuits, regulatory fines, loss of customers and damaged brand reputation by preventing data loss through real-time visibility and control of devices, users and applications on your network.
  • Minimize Hardware Costs
    CounterACT interoperates with any infrastructure. This means there is no need to replace switches or upgrade other network infrastructure to gain visibility and access control over your network.
  • Eliminate downtime caused by rogue network devices.
    CounterACT can detect unauthorized network infrastructure, regardless of whether they were introduced with good intentions or malicious ones. ForeScout can even detect snooping devices that are designed to bypass other NAC systems based on 802.1X.
  • Reduce silos of information
    CounterACT is the centerpiece of ForeScout ControlFabric. ControlFabric is open technology that enables IT solutions to share information, thereby reducing the problem of information silos and allowing you to more efficiently mitigate a wide variety of network, security and operational issues. Enterprise IT organizations that leverage the ControlFabric ecosystem can achieve continuous monitoring and mitigation capabilities that better leverage their infrastructure investments and optimize IT resources.