ForeScout CounterACT RemoteControl

ForeScout CounterACT’s RemoteControl¹ capability provides an easy and effective way for you to monitor and ensure endpoint compliance for remote corporate and personal devices.

Employees are increasingly using their PCs and mobile devices to perform online business activities while off the corporate network. According to IDC, the world’s mobile worker population will reach 1.3 billion or 32.7 percent of the total workforce by 2015². Therefore, endpoint visibility and compliance of remote devices becomes all the more important, to ensure they are less susceptible to advanced threats, data leakage and other security exposures while off-premises.

With the new CounterACT RemoteControl capability, you can use ForeScout CounterACT to monitor and enforce endpoint security standards for devices both on the corporate network as well as when they’re operating off-premises. By activating this capability, you can:

  • Gain visibility to remote corporate-owned and enrolled-BYOD endpoints even when they’re not connected to the enterprise network
  • Use location-aware endpoint compliance policies and have them automatically and appropriately applied to devices both on and off the corporate network
  • Uniformly monitor endpoints to track adherence to security standards, to facilitate remediation of violations and exposures, and to help preempt threats before they reach the corporate network
  • Use CounterACT’s tactical map to get a unified compliance view of both on-site and remote devices aggregated by geographic location
  • Reduce the costs associated with host-based security issues and related remote-user helpdesk calls and problem-resolution tasks

The CounterACT RemoteControl feature will be available as a downloadable software option for ForeScout customers. This capability can be enabled through the CounterACT Enterprise Manager to designate a CounterACT physical or virtual appliance as a RemoteControl appliance.

The CounterACT RemoteControl appliance is placed outside the corporate network, in a corporate DMZ or private cloud. Both the CounterACT RemoteControl and on-network CounterACT appliances are administered through the CounterACT Enterprise Manager, enabling unified policy management, security posture assessment and compliance views for both on-site and remote devices.



Figure 1: CounterACT RemoteControl provides visibility and control over remote hosts.


The CounterACT RemoteControl appliance communicates with remote hosts via the ForeScout SecureConnector client. SecureConnector is a lightweight client that creates a secure connection with the RemoteControl appliance and enables internet-based compliance management. This eliminates the need for “punching holes” in your corporate firewall and allows the RemoteControl appliance to:

  • Profile the remote device
  • Gather software and hardware inventory information
  • Assess the security posture of the endpoint
  • Apply corporate security policies
  • Take actions to facilitate remediation of endpoint security deficiencies

The ForeScout CounterACT RemoteControl capability is planned to be available in mid 2014. It will be available to existing ForeScout customers under active maintenance at no additional charge. Customers can transform an existing CounterACT appliance or purchase a new CounterACT appliance to be deployed as a CounterACT RemoteControl appliance.

¹ ForeScout CounterACT RemoteControl feature planned availability – mid-2014
² IDC Worldwide Mobile Worker Population 2011-2015 Forecast, Dec. 2011 (Doc #232073)