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Latest Headlines

SC Magazine | Greg Masters | April 2014
Network Rx: Health Care Security
“A secure network with no disruption to users and service is essential for the operations of any enterprise, but owing to its time-critical nature perhaps nowhere is it as vital than in the health care industry. Additionally, taking a device offline in a hospital setting can literally put a person’s life at risk, so this adds a level of complexity to securing the network…The center already used tools from Bradford, Cisco and ForeScout and found Bradford and Cisco not compatible with its new needs…ForeScout CounterACT’s agentless approach was key.”


CBR | Duncan McRae | April 2014
How Nottingham Trent University has Bolstered its Wireless Defences
“With more than 25,000 students and 2,500 staff spread across three campuses, NTU’s wireless network accommodates about 6,000 active wireless endpoints — and 10,000 “seen” endpoints — figures that grow continually as students bring more of their own devices (BYOD), including laptops, smartphones, tablets and gaming devices, onto the network…After implementing CounterACT, calls to the IT helpdesk were reduced, which has contributed to cost-savings for NTU. “


Global Banking and Finance | March 2014
ForeScout Receives Frost & Sullivan 2014 Global Technology Leadership Innovation Award in Network Security
Administrators of security technologies need tools that simplify and automate the task of managing security…ForeScout Technologies has received the Frost & Sullivan 2014 Global Technology Leadership Innovation Award in Network Security…based on ForeScout CounterACT and its advanced ControlFabric architecture…ForeScout’s CounterACT platform, which provides visibility, control and mitigation, and its ControlFabric architecture, which enables interoperability between network and security infrastructure, deliver such network security innovation today.”


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Latest Press Releases

April 16, 2014
ForeScout CounterACT Receives “IAIT Tested and Recommended” Rating
“ForeScout CounterACT 7 is a next-generation network access control (NAC) solution that enables companies to continuously monitor and mitigate security exposures and cyberthreats…IAIT, an independent testing laboratory based in Germany, examined CounterACT under great scrutiny with a practical test that integrated the appliance into a corporate network; engaged discovery and monitoring services; designed policies for classification, rogue detection and blocking, guest and mobile device management, and endpoint compliance and remediation; and conducted third-party system integration.”

April 8, 2014
ForeScout Releases Definitive Guide to Next-generation Network Access Control
“The “Definitive Guide to Next-generation Network Access Control” provides security practitioners with key capabilities, implementation considerations, use cases and operational advice for network access control (NAC) and details on how modern NAC platforms can be applied by IT organizations to achieve continuous monitoring and mitigation.”

February 24, 2014
ForeScout to Extend Endpoint Visibility and Control Beyond the Enterprise Network with CounterACT RemoteControl
“CounterACT RemoteControl, which enables IT organizations an easy and effective means to monitor and enforce policy of remote corporate and personally owned devices…Driven by customer demand, ForeScout will reduce these risks by enabling its award-winning ForeScout CounterACT™ platform to continuously monitor and bolster endpoint security for devices both on and off the network with the introduction of CounterACT RemoteControl.

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Latest Webcast


Next-Generation NAC: Advancing Control Intelligence and Security Management
Today’s Network Access Control (NAC) technology has evolved well beyond that of allowing or denying network admission. The latest generation of NAC solutions addresses numerous security and compliance applications, but more so, help organizations enhance operational awareness, efficiency and use of their existing network and security infrastructure.
Join this expert webinar to discover the key issues driving NAC’s maturation, what is required to enable security automation, and where control interoperability can enable NOC and SOC resource optimization.


Take Back Network Control: Taming the Rogue Device Threat
With workforce mobility, bring your own device (BYOD) into the workplace, and guest access into your network, enterprises are realizing how important it is to track and monitor who and what is accessing the network. We’ve recently seen examples of how rogue devices have caused significant damage through gaining access to
corporate infrastructure through network vulnerabilities. And, it’s alarming how easy it is for this to happen. A rogue or unknown device connects onto what you thought was a protected network, gains access and proceeds to cause often irrevocable damage which can result in millions of dollars to your business. Can you afford for this to happen?


  • How do you know what devices are accessing your network?
  • How do you detect a rogue device?
  • What can you do to prevent a threat in your network and minimize the risk?

Architecting a Flexible Strategy for Securing Enterprise and Personal Mobile Devices

Phil Hochmuth, security program analyst at IDC
Scott Gordon, chief marketing officer at ForeScout
This webinar examines BYOD trends and risks, the mobile security landscape, policy development and control options. The session will also present a tiered service approach to enterprise mobile security where complementary controls can offer necessary network and device level defenses to enable IT organizations to realize mobility advantages and reduce security and compliance exposures.
Topics Include:

  • Real-world issues, considerations and operational impact
  • Policy development processes to tolerate, support or embrace BYOD
  • Why combine NAC, MDM and other technical controls
  • How to devise tiered security service strategy


Getting Through the Compliance Maze with NAC (60 minutes)
- Diana Kelly – IANS Faulty Advisory and Founder, SecurityCurve
- Jeff Bradberry – IT Security Manager, BrightPoint
To maximize efficiency, manage risk and reduce potential violations due to compliance failure, organizations need to implement tools that apply and support multiple specifications across difference compliance requisites.  Network Access Control (NAC) supports numerous critical security and protection functions across multiple mandates. This interactive expert / user session, led by IANS faculty advisor Diana Kelly of Security curve with end user participant Jeff Bradberry of BrightPoint, will examine NAC and real-world compliance use cases.  Attendees will discover:
  • Key NAC functions that apply to compliance processes and specifications
  • Real-world use cases; considerations, controls, activities and processes
  • How NAC specifically maps to top commercial, regulatory and federal mandates


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Latest Case Studies

Nottingham Trent University Selects ForeScout CounterACT to Improve Network Visibility, Security and End User Experience

Trent University deployed ForeScout CounterACT across its three campuses in January 2013 and expanded its deployment at the main city site over the winter to cater to the university’s ever-increasing number of BYOD endpoints.

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SAP has about 50,000 to 60,000 employees and all of them have mobile devices… that means mobile phones, but also Linux and Windows machines, Macs, IP phones, printers, the projectors in the conference rooms and our switches. So SAP set out to do something about that for its own internal operations, with a security integration with the ForeScout CounterACT network security platform.
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Omnicom Media Group
Omnicom Media Group Taps ForeScout CounterACT to Reduce Risks and Improve Security for 38 Offices and 5,500 Employees Across EMEA
The objective for OMG’s deployment of the CounterACT™ platform is to have complete, policy-based visibility with regards to who and what is on its network and to proactively protect network resources. ForeScout CounterACT helps OMG reduce and manage risk via a simple to install appliance that offers an agentless approach and flexible policy that preserves the user experience.
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Latest Videos/Podcasts

Gord Boyce, CEO of ForeScout, on ControlFabric platform
Gord Boyce, CEO, ForeScout, discusses the ForeScout ControlFabric platform in this short video. The ControlFabric™ platform is an open platform that enables ForeScout CounterACT and other IT solutions to exchange information and mitigate a wide variety of network and endpoint security concerns.


InfoSecurity Magazine Interview with Scott Gordon, CMO, ForeScout
Drew Amorosi, deputy editor of InfoSecurity, interviews Scott Gordon, Chief Marketing Officer at ForeScout, at InfoSecurity Europe 2013 about BYOD and NAC. (7 min.).


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Latest Research

Frost & Sullivan Report: Continuous Compliance and Next Generation NAC


Architecting a Flexible Bring Your Own Device Strategy
Click here for the full report


Quocirca Next Generation NAC Case Studies Support IT-GRC Controls
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Latest Recognitions

ForeScout Recognized as a Leader in the 2013 Magic Quadrant for Network Access Control

“For the third consecutive year ForeScout CounterACT was named by Gartner Inc. as a leader in its 2013 Magic Quadrant report for Network Access Control (NAC). ForeScout NAC innovations which includes its CounterACT platform and ControlFabric architecture also serve as the cornerstone technology addressing visibility, BYOD and continuous compliance trends.”

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Frost & Sullivan 2014 Global Technology Leadership Innovation Award in Network Security

ForeScout demonstrated visionary leadership to enhance network security  manageability with the introduction of ControlFabric architecture, demonstrating that the company ‘gets it.’ ControlFabric technology provides essential bi-directional interfaces and protocols for ‘visibility, intelligence, and remediation’ across multiple network, security, and management tool sets. Extending the CounterACT platform with ControlFabric enables network security vendors to work together and  cooperate to make network security easier for security professionals to  achieve continuous monitoring and mitigation capabilities.

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ESG Report: The Endpoint Visibility, Access, and Security (EVAS) Market: The Evolution of Network Access Control (NAC)
Click here for the full report

2013 Industry Innovators: Access control

“The big new thing from ForeScout this year is API and its new program/ecosystem. The company has written 66 integrations now and expects many other third-party vendors to join…Add to this a clear focus  on bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and the idea of pervasive security throughout the enterprise and you have forward-looking thinking. ForeScout has traditionally been a NAC powerhouse. The experience and creativity that took it there has taken the company to the next levelwith the innovations of the past year”


Latest Reviews

IAIT |April 2014
2014 IAIT Product Review
“IAIT, an independent testing laboratory based in Germany, examined CounterACT under great scrutiny with a practical test that integrated the appliance into a corporate network; engaged discovery and monitoring services; designed policies for classification, rogue detection and blocking, guest and mobile device management, and endpoint compliance and remediation; and conducted third-party system integration.”


SC Magazine | October 2013
CounterACT v7.1 Review: 5-Star “Best Buy” Rating
“In preparation for our installation, ForeScout provided a hardware appliance (the CT 100 model) and a large amount of easy-to-read documentation. From unpacking the appliance to getting the system up and operational, it took under 30 minutes to start tracking data… This was a pleasing experience from beginning to end. Best Buy.”


ForeScout Technologies CounterACT 7.0
Network Computing | June 2013
“The phenomenal growth of BYOD (bring your own device) is fuelling increased interest in Network Access Control (NAC) as businesses expand their mobile workforce. ForeScout is a leader in this market for good reason because its CounterACT solution has benefited from continuous development, allowing it to stay ahead of the latest threats… ForeScout has innovatively moved NAC beyond traditional access control, offering businesses complete flexibility concerning the use of a wide range of computing devices and what they can do. Along with simplified deployment this latest version delivers a wealth of new features that will enhance flexibility for users and increase control for businesses in equal measure.”



ForeScout Proves NAC Superiority Over Other Leading Vendors in Independent Test
Tolly Group
“Commissioned by ForeScout and conducted by The Tolly Group, one of the world’s leading independent product testing labs, the competitive analysis covers 34 criteria points across key functional categories: deployment, interoperability, guest management, endpoint compliance, enforcement, remediation and scalability. The complete 24-page report can be downloaded at”



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